FAll SALE – Two for the Price of One!

ecloth fall sale

It’s that time of year again.  The annual 2 for the Price of 1 sale at eclothusa.com.  Get ’em before they’re gone!


These are my go-to cloths and I’m confident that you’ll be nothing but impressed by them.  They’ll change the way you clean and heck, you might actually enjoy cleaning with them.

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

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Kitchen Pack More than 50% Off – PLUS Free Gift!

kitchen pack with scraper on saleWhen we have a sale, we HAVE A SALE! Starting today, you can get a whole Kitchen Pack (Kitchen cloth AND Polishing cloth) for more than 50% off!

I know! Crazy cheap, right?!! $6.99 for the pack! (Click here to purchase or for more info). PLUS, with this special Kitchen Pack, you also get a FREE Bowl Scraper thing-a-ma-jiggy.

Readers of my blog know that the Kitchen Cloth is my FAVOURITE e-cloth.

The Kitchen Cloth has the same great cleaning power as our General Purpose cloth but it has a little scrubby on one corner for stuck-on messes. Perfect for that stubborn glob of dried jam on the counter.

But wait – here’s what I really like about the Kitchen e-cloth. You can flip that little scrubber corner over and the inside is lined with microfiber. So, if you don’t need a scrubber, it’s not getting in the way. Scroll through these pictures and you’ll see what I mean (click on any of them for a larger view).

Why is this Set on Sale?

It was a special pack to celebrate e-cloth’s 20th Anniversary… last year.  And now that our 21st anniversary is coming up… well… you know.  We’ve got to get rid of them.  Our warehouse problems are your gain!

When does the Sale End?

When they’re sold out!

How Do I Get One?

Purchase at eclothusa.com. We offer free shipping on all orders within contiguous US and Hawaii.

Pssst! Here’s a little secret…

Norwex has a Scrubby Corner Cloth that is very similar to this (they must have liked the e-cloth one as much as I do, hee hee!).  It’s $18.99 just for the one cloth!  You could almost buy 3 of these e-cloth sets for that price (plus free shipping in the US).  Need I say more?

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Earth Day Savings: 20% Off Everything e-cloth

We’re celebrating Earth Day with a week-long sale. 20% off everything (except items already on sale).

Clean your house in a Earth-friendly way with e-cloths.  E-cloths clean with just water so no harsh chemicals required AND with proper care, they’ll last you years!

eclothusa.com Earth Day Sale
20% OFF SITE WIDE (with coupon code: Earth16)
Sale Ends Midnight (EST) April 22, 2016

earth day sale at eclothusa.com

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Spring 2 for the Price of 1 Sale at eclothusa.com

I know, I know.  I’m not posting anything fun and interesting these days.  I’m sorry. I hope to soon.  This move to Japan is monopolizing my time and brain (did I tell you we’re moving to Japan?).

But while you wait for me to have something interesting to say, here’s some good news.  Our annual Spring 2 for the Price of 1 Sale is on.

And check out the colours on those General Purpose cloths! Not pretty but oooooh so very, very practical.  So many of you (and I) like the dark coloured cloths because they hide the stains.

Happy day Peeps!

BOGO Sale at eclothusa.comBOGO sale at eclothusa.com

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Further Price Drop on Kate’s Most Recommended Pack and More


When we clear our warehouse of excess and discontinued stock, it’s your lucky, L-U-C-K-Y day! We’ve got some items on for MORE THAN 50% OFF!

Most exciting for me (and it should be for you too!) is the FURTHER PRICE DROP on what I’m calling Kate’s Power Pack Blue (really called “Aquarium & Vivarium” pack, but that title is sooooo stinking boring and limiting).


$6.99 (Reg $14.99)

The Power Pack includes a General Purpose cloth AND a Glass & Polishing cloth for only $6.99!!! (Compare that to $30-$40 on the Norwex Basic Pack, which is essentially the same).

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 2.25.41 PM

How Much Does Kate Love The POWER PACK?

Check out the blog post I wrote all about it some time ago!

What Else Got Another Price Drop?

The Dual Action Car Wash Mitt is another one of my favs.

http://eclothusa.com/Pets/Kate-s-Pow dual sided car washing mitter-Pack-Blue.html

$3.99 (Reg. $9.99)

It’ll easily clean grease, oil, dirt and salt off your vehicle.  And kids love it.  This would be a PERFECT spring car cleaning!

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 2.25.41 PM

I USE and KNOW all of these products.  If you have questions, feel free to ask.


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CYBER Monday – 30%-50% Off e-cloth’s Best Gifts

It’s Cyber Monday all week at eclothusa.com.  Save 30% to 50% on all Body, Pet and Auto products.

These are our “most gifted” products at the LOWEST PRICES OF THE YEAR.

cyber monday at ecloth


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Black Friday – Big Mop Deal

For 3 days only (Nov 27-29, 2015) you can score big with the purchase of a mop.  We’re giving you a two, yes count them, TWO FREE mop pads (one damp pad and one dusting pad) with every mop purchase.  That’s a $21.99 value!

That’s in addition to the damp pad that always comes with the mop so with this deal you’re getting the mop, 2 damp pads and a dusting pad for only $39.99 AND with free shipping.



Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 3.26.41 PM

Buy now

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How Does 20% Off Sound? E-cloth Friends & Family Sale

It’s that time of year again.  Time for our annual Friends & Family sale.  This only happens once a year and it means 20% off everything on the website (except items already on sale and “bundles”, which are already incredibly priced).

Yes, this is the time to get the things you’ve been “humming and hawing” over, wondering how you could justify the expense.  Things like:

  1. Universal Stone
  2. The mop
  3. Flexi-edge Wall and Floor Duster
  4. The most luxurious Bath Towel ever

But it’s only for 6 days, so get on it!

ecloth friends and family sale

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What to do if your Norwex or e-cloth® “Accidentally” Touches Bleach

what to do if you bleach your ecloth or norwexLet me give you a couple of scenarios, because I know YOU would never let your precious e-cloth or Norwex cloth come into contact with bleach.

Disclaimer: These scenarios are loosely based on emails I received from kind readers like yourself.

Scenario 1: The Laundry Incident

A man (we’ll call him “Husband”), your dream man, is working shirtless, flexing his muscles as he loads laundry into the machine.  Heck who cares what he looks like, HE’S DOING THE LAUNDRY!

Love, right?

He looks your way and dazzles you with a wink and a smile as he throws your Norwex and/or e-cloths into the machine. You smile back and silently congratulate yourself on how well you trained him (Yes, I realize that I’m totally stereotyping here.)

But wait.  What is that?  WHAT is THAT? Is that BLEACH!?

Everything goes slow-mo.

Your face transforms to a look of utter fear and horror as you raise your hand to your look-of-horror when you bleach your eclothmouth and shout/SCREAM “Noooooo-oooooo-ooooo!”.

You run, slow-mo-style, across the room.

But it’s too late, my friend.  The bleach is in the washer with your adored microfiber cloths.

Scenario 2: The Bathroom Incident

A woman (we’ll call her “Well-intended-mother-in-law” – WIMIL for short) is visiting.  You’re a tired mom with busy kids and the cleaning and cooking have fallen by the wayside. WIMIL has generously offered to do some cooking and cleaning.

Cooking is done and WIMIL heads to the bathroom to make it sparkle.  Kids are at school and you’re relaxing with a book and a cup of tea, thinking: “Life is good right now“.  You are absolutely loving your WIMIL.

But wait.  What is that sound? That sounds like a spray-bottle.  You think to yourself “I don’t have any spray bottles“.  And then you smell it.


You jump up from the couch, spilling tea in you lap and on the upholstery (but you don’t worry because you’ll clean that up with an e-cloth in a moment). Like an Olympian, you hurdle over the coffee table and stray toys to the bathroom and find WIMIL happily wiping the spray-cleanser-with-bleach with your bathroom e-cloth/Norwex cloth.

cleaning all dressed up

Note: This image is from thedailymail.co.uk. It’s not my mother-in-law and that is definitely NOT an e-cloth or Norwex cloth in her hand. I just thought the picture was hilarious because of how dressed up she is. Click on the link and you’ll see the entire article with lots of pics of her cleaning in her gorgeous dress. Obviously I need to step up my cleaning wardrobe.

You gasp – but silently of course because this is your WIMIL, after all. Then you turn and swear (again, silently), walk away and make a mental note to have your laundry-doing-wonder-husband to give your WIMIL a quick e-cloth/Norwex lesson.

Why Can’t e-cloths and Norwex Cloths be Used or Laundered with Bleach?

E-cloths (and Norwex) work so well because of the quality, number, and thinness of their fibers.  Bleach can degrade and break down the fibers, making them less effective.

What to do if Your e-cloth/Norwex Touches Bleach

Firstly, take a deep breath.  It’s not the end of the world.

  1. A little contact with bleach – say you noticed the mistake right away (like you walk in on WIMIL wiping a bit of bleach cleanser) or the bleach was well diluted in water – say 5% bleach to water. Take the cloth out/away from the bleach and rinse it immediately in hot water. This cloth is going to continue to work well and you may not notice any difference in its ability to wipe up grease, dirt, soap scum etc. I can’t guarantee that it will still be picking up bacteria but you’ll find lots of other good uses for it (eg, in the car, windows, cleaning messes on the stove, dusting, wiping crayon off the wall, cleaning the tea off your couch that you spilled when you heard WIMIL spraying bleach to name a few.)
  2. Lots of bleach – say WIMIL decided your e-cloth/Norwex was too stained and needed a “cleaning” so she soaked it in bleach.  Chances are the fibers are going to be destroyed to some level. Definitely do not depend on that cloth to remove bacteria from surfaces any longer.  But that doesn’t mean the cloth is done for.  Give it a try, it could still be great for other cleaning jobs.  It likely won’t be as absorbent as it used to be but I think you’ll still find some good use for it.

As always, if you have questions, please feel free to ask. I’m always looking for new ideas for blog posts and your questions are of great help.  If you’re asking, chances are lots of other people are wondering too.


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5 Easy Ways to Convert a Spray Cleanser Hold-out to e-cloths

no spray cleansersI’ve converted you, right?  Somehow, either here on my blog, or on my facebook page or personal email, I’ve led you to the lighter side of cleaning and the wonderful world of e-cloth.

You’re loving your e-cloths. You love them so much you’ve told your friends, family and even strangers.

They all love e-cloth… except that one hold-out.  That one person that just doesn’t see how much easier their cleaning could be.  Or how much safer their cleaning could be.  Or just how much better their cleaning could be.

You’ve tried everything and you just KNOW they’ll like it if they just give it a chance.  I know this because many of you have emailed me telling me about that one person in your life.

Well, here are 5 ideas on how to convert them:

  1. Invite them over for breakfast/brunch and cook a big batch of bacon on the stove. wipe bacon grease easily with e-cloth(Note, some of you may be sworn “bacon is cooked in the oven” peeps, like me but to convert the hold-outs, you’ve got to cook it on the stove top) Let the grease splatter everywhere. The more grease the better.  Then show them how easy it is to wipe up all that grease – and have a squeaky clean stove – with a damp e-cloth.  If you fold the cloth in half, and then in half again, you’ll have 8 sides of the cloth to use.  With this folding method, you should be able to clean the entire greasy mess without having to rinse the cloth until you’re done.  Get your friend to rub their finger across the stove afterwards so they can hear the squeaky clean-ness.
  2. Clean the kitchen sink, faucet and knobs with an e-cloth.  A very quick wipe with a damp e-cloth will remove most water marks, stains, grease and bacteria.  You can do it in between 30 and 60 seconds and have an utterly spotless, gleaming, clean sink.
  3. Remind them that most chemical sprays have to be left on a surface for 10 minutes to remove bacteria.  AND, you’re inhaling those sprays.  I don’t know anyone that sprays their counter and then waits 10 minutes to wipe it off, do you?  Wipe the counter with a damp e-cloth and you’re done!
  4. If the hold-out has kids, use an e-cloth to wipe any or all of these up in a jiffy: ecloth cleans crayon on wallsgreasy fingerprints on walls, pee around the toilet, yogurt (dried or fresh) off the floor or walls, marker/crayon/paint off walls or furniture, an entire glass of spilled milk, chocolate out of the couch, etc.
  5. Clean their windows.  The window cleaning impresses everyone😉

Do you have a friend or family member that just can’t seem to make the switch?  Or did you “convert” someone to e-cloth?  I want, no NEED, to hear about it so please do share!


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