Washing Rugs In Washing Machine

You might be relishing the privilege of owning beautiful rugs that add style and ambiance to your dwelling. Yet, you’re also surely aware of the daunting task of maintaining them. In your quest for convenience, you may have contemplated using your washing machine for this household chore. This article will guide you through the intricacies of washing rugs in a washing machine, and inform you about the potential consequences, as well as provide tips to prevent any potential damage.

Washing Rugs In Washing Machine

Understanding the Rug Type

Washing rugs in a washing machine can sometimes be tricky because you can easily ruin its look and feel or even damage the washing machine if not done correctly. It’s crucial that you understand your rug’s type before beginning the washing process.

Material of the Rug

The first step in understanding your rug is knowing the type of material from which it’s made. Woolen rugs, for instance, have high durability and are resistant to stains but can be easily damaged if not cleaned correctly. Cotton rugs are flexible and machine washable, but they may lose their soft texture after repeated washing. Then you have synthetics, like nylon and polyester, which are also quite durable and usually machine-washable.

Size of the Rug

Rug sizes differ, from small door mats that can easily fit into any machine to large area rugs that would be impossible to stuff into a home washing machine. The size is important as it could determine whether you will be cleaning at home or at a commercial laundromat.

Label Instructions

Always read the manufacturer’s label on the rug. The label will guide you on the suitable washing process, the right temperature, and whether to use a machine or wash it by hand, etc. Ignoring instructions on this label could result in damages or reduced lifespan of the rug.

Preparation Before Washing

Just inserting your rug into the washing machine isn’t the ideal way to get it cleaned. A bit of preparation will make the process easier, more efficient, help you get better results, and reduce chances of damage both to the rug and your machine.

Removing Loose Dirt and Dust

Before you place your rug in the washing machine, shake it out to remove any loose dirt and dust. You could also use a vacuum cleaner for this but be sure to do that on both sides of the rug.

Pre-treatment of Stains

If your rug has any stubborn stains or spots, you can pretreat these areas with stain remover or quality rug cleaner. Apply the cleaner to these spots and gently rub it in with a cloth or scrubbing brush.

Checking for Color Fastness

Before you remove the stains, you should check to ensure that your rug’s colors won’t bleed during the washing process. To do this, simply wet a white cloth and rub it on different areas of the rug. If your cloth picks up any color, it might be best to wash the rug by hand to avoid color bleeding.

Choosing the Right Settings

Getting your washing machine’s settings right is a crucial phase in the rug washing process. This step can determine whether or not your rug survives the washing process.

Choosing the Suitable Water Temperature

Depending on your rug’s material, the ideal water temperature may vary. Typically, cold water is the safest bet for most rugs, as hot water can cause shrinkage or color bleeding.

Selecting the Appropriate Wash Cycle

The delicate cycle is usually the best choice for washing rugs in a washing machine. The washing machine agitates less in this mode, reducing the chance of damage.

Deciding on the Right Detergent

Use a gentle, neutral detergent preferably one that is specifically formulated for the material of your rug. Avoid bleach or brighteners as they can discolor or damage the rug.

Loading the Rug into the Washing Machine

Loading a rug into the washing machine isn’t as straightforward as it seems. You have to consider the machine’s capacity and balance among other things.

Avoid Overloading

Don’t squeeze a too-large rug into your machine. Overloading the washing machine can cause damage to both the machine and the rug.

Balancing the Load

To ensure that your washing machine doesn’t become unbalanced during the wash, add some towels or blankets to balance out the load, especially if you’re washing a small rug.

Placing the Rug Correctly

Make sure the rug is evenly spread in the washing machine drum. If it’s a top-loader machine, place the rug around the agitator in the drum.

Washing Rugs In Washing Machine

Washing Process

Once you’re through with the preparation and the settings, the washing process is relatively straightforward.

Starting Your Machine

Start the washing machine and let it fill with water before adding the detergent. This helps prevent any detergent stains on your rug.

Monitoring the Wash

Stay close and keep an eye on the washing process. If the machine starts shaking or making unusual noises, stop the machine and try to rearrange the rug and balance the load.

Avoiding Damages during the Wash

Avoiding damage is crucial during the washing process. If your rug has loose ends or fringes, consider hand washing since the machine’s agitation may cause these parts to unravel or fray.

Post-Washing Care

Proper care for your rug doesn’t stop after washing. How you handle the wet, clean rug also matters.

Unloading the Rug Properly

After washing, be careful while unloading the rug. It will be much heavier when wet, so be sure to support its entire weight as you remove it to avoid stretching or tearing it.

How to Dry the Rug

Air-drying is the best way to dry your rug. Hang it over a railing or on a clean surface to air dry. Ensure the rug is completely dry before using it again to prevent mold and mildew.

Avoiding Shrinkage and Stretching

When drying, avoid direct sunlight, which can cause the rug colors to fade. Don’t wring out the rug to dry as it can cause it to stretch or change shape.

Maintaining the Quality of Your Rugs

Taking good care of your rug can extend its lifespan.

Routine Cleaning

Regularly vacuuming your rug can help maintain its quality and extend its life. This helps to remove dirt, dust, and allergens that can deteriorate the rug fiber over time.

Appropriate Handling and Use

Avoid placing heavy furniture on your rugs, as this can cause the rug fibers to flatten and lose their shape. Be mindful of where you place your rug; avoid areas where there’s a lot of foot traffic to save them from excessive wear and tear.

Using Professional Cleaning Services

For high-quality, expensive, or antique rugs it’s recommended to hire a professional cleaning service, as they have the right tools and expertise to clean without causing any damage.

Considerations for Different Rug Types

Different rug types have different characteristics and need different care.

Wool Rugs

Wool rugs are durable, but they require gentle handling during the washing process. Be extra careful with the water temperature and detergents you use.

Cotton Rugs

Cotton rugs are generally easier to clean and are usually machine-washable. However, ensure you handle them gently as they can lose their shape if not properly cared for.

Synthetic Rugs

Synthetic rugs like those made from nylon or polyester are known for their durability and can often be cleaned in a washing machine without any worries.

Common Mistakes While Washing Rugs in a Washing Machine

A few common mistakes can potentially ruin your precious rugs.

Using too Much Detergent

Overdoing the detergent can cause buildup in the rug fibers and in your washing machine, leading to a less effective wash and potential damage.

Washing at High Temperatures

Too hot water can cause shrinkage and color fading for most rugs, especially those made of natural fibers like wool and cotton.

Ignoring Rug’s Label Instructions

Neglecting your rug’s care instructions can harm your rug. Always read the label before washing.

Safety Precautions

Lastly, when washing rugs in your machine, some safety measures should be taken into consideration.

Avoiding Damage to Your Machine

Avoid washing rugs that are too heavy when wet or those with a rubber back. These can damage the machine’s drum or cause the machine to become unbalanced.

Safety Measures to Prevent Accidents

Always be careful when moving your wet rug, as it can be heavy and you could easily slip and fall. Make sure to use your legs, not just your back, to lift.

In conclusion, washing your rugs in a washing machine can save you a lot of time and energy, but you need to ensure that you do it correctly to maintain the quality and longevity of your rug. With the right knowledge, you can handle this task with no issues at all.

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