Many, many, MANY times, people have contacted me over the years, wondering about cleaning toilets with Norwex cloths or e-cloths.  My answer is a firm “partly“.

Four Things to Know Before Cleaning Toilets with a Norwex cloth or an e-cloth

  1. When used correctly, e-cloths and Norwex cloths will pick up dust, dirt and over 99% of the bacteria on the tank, handle, seat, lid and base of your toilet. By “used correctly”, I mean (a) the cloth damp, not sopping wet and (b) you are wiping with the cloth flat (not bunched up).
  2. You do not need a special “for the toilet only” e-cloth or Norwex cloth. More on this below.
  3. You DO need to launder the cloth after using it on your toilet.  Yes, that even applies to Norwex cloths with the BacLock feature. More on this below.
  4. Both e-cloth® and Norwex recommend against cleaning the rim and/or inside of the bowl with their cloths. Personally, I use the cloths on the rim, but not in the bowl (see below).

Why You Do NOT Need a “Toilet Only” Cloth

Are you heading to your toilet to clean it right now?  Well, obviously you’ve got to dampen that cloth first, so while you’re at your bathroom sink getting the cloth damp, quickly wipe the counter, faucet and sink first. NOW, go over and wipe your toilet.

The key to cleaning your toilet with an e-cloth or Norwex cloth is to ensure that the toilet is the LAST thing that you clean with that cloth before laundering it.

E-cloth® had some very thorough testing completed by Silliker that showed that rinsing (or laundering) the cloths in hot water removed over 99.9% of bacteria from the cloth.

What does that mean?

It means that after you launder the e-cloth® or Norwex cloth in hot water, there is no bacteria in the cloth and you can use that cloth to clean something else.

Does Kate have a “toilet only” cloth? No way! That would mean being organized and I am not an “organized” person. I have what I refer to as “generally bathroom” cloths. I use these throughout my bathrooms, but they also get used elsewhere occasionally – particularly upstairs if I’m too lazy to go downstairs to my stash and get a “generally rest-of-the-house cloth”.

Why You Need to Launder Your e-cloth or Norwex Cloth after Cleaning the Toilet

Why? Because the big-wigs say so! Official word from e-cloth® and Norwex is to launder your cloth after cleaning areas with high bacteria counts.  This applies to the toilet, surfaces/items covered with raw meat juices … and these days maybe your phone screen (have you heard that? phone screens have higher bacteria counts than toilets? Is that true?).

For more information on when and how to wash your e-cloth or Norwex products, click here.

What Parts of Your Toilet Can you Clean with an e-cloth or Norwex Cloth?

You can clean your entire toilet with an e-cloth or Norwex cloth but please know that both companies advise against cleaning the rim and inside of the bowl with their cloths. I use the cloths to clean the handle, tank, base, seat, seat cover and rim. I use a brush and liquid cleanser for the bowl. This is primarily because I have an aversion to putting my hand – gloved or not – into the bowl. Even though I have no problem cleaning the toilet rim – which is typically coated in pee thanks to my careless boys – I simply can’t bring myself to put a gloved hand INto the toilet.

If you are using an e-cloth or Norwex cloth to clean the inside of the bowl, make sure that you are not also using any cleanser with bleach in it. Bleach will destroy the fibres.

What Cloth Does Kate Recommend for Toilet Cleaning?

Frankly, you can use any of the shaggy e-cloths or Norwex cloths for cleaning the toilet.  By shaggy, I mean NOT the Window or polishing cloths.  My #1 criteria for a good cloth is:

Will this cloth get in the crack around the bolt caps of the toilet seat and at the toilet base?

You know the caps I’m talking about?  They’re at the back of the seat, covering the bolts that hold the seat to the toilet and  tank, and close to the floor, covering the bolts that hold the toilet to the floor.

Those cracks seem to suck in pee and dust, creating what I call cap-crack-crap (say that 5 times, quickly). The caps are easily removed but… I typically just wipe around them and I need a cloth that gets into those cracks. Because I’m a lazy cleaner.

My preferred cloth is something foldable (so I can easily change the area of the cloth being used to clean with without having to rinse the cloth out) and not too thick. My top 3 picks – in no particular order – are:

  1. e-cloth Cleaning Pad – this folds and fits nicely in my hand. It is “ok” at getting along the edge of the bolt caps. This is mainly on my list because it’s my favourite cloth for bathroom cleaning (see my Bathroom Cloth/Mitt comparisons here) and I prefer to just have to use one cloth for everything.
  2. e-cloth Professional Dusting Cloth – this is the BEST cloth I have used for tackling cap-crack-crap. One side of this cloth has very long fibres that really get into those cracks and pick up the crap.
  3. Norwex Bathroom Mitt – like the e-cloth Pro Dusting cloth, this mitt has very long fibres to get into those bolt cap cracks.  You may have to adjust the mitt on your hand slightly though to get the fibres into the cracks.

How to Clean Your Toilet with an e-cloth or Norwex Cloth

I already wrote a nice blog post about HOW to clean your toilet with e-cloth and norwex. Check it out!


Wondering about that golden toilet in the top image? It is a functional piece of art that you can use at the Guggenheim! Here is more information. I’m curious if they use an e-cloth or Norwex cloth to clean it with.