Can You Clean Carpet With Bissell Crosswave?

 Carpet With Bissell Crosswave

Tired of struggling to keep your carpets clean? Look no further! The Bissell Crosswave is here to save the day. This revolutionary device has advanced technology and powerful suction to clean all types of carpets. Say goodbye to stubborn stains and dirt – this machine will make your carpets look brand new!

The Bissell Crosswave has a unique design, combining a vacuum cleaner and carpet cleaner in one. Its dual-action brush roll rotates quickly, agitating and lifting away grime. Powerful suction then removes the dirt and debris.

You don’t have to spend hours cleaning your carpets anymore. The Bissell Crosswave washes and dries simultaneously, saving you time and effort. Plus, it’s lightweight and maneuverable, allowing you to easily get into tight corners and around furniture.

The Bissell Crosswave was created by a team of engineers who wanted to revolutionize carpet cleaning. After extensive testing and refinement, they released this groundbreaking machine to the public. It offers efficiency, convenience, and effectiveness like never before.

Overview of the Bissell Crosswave

Let’s discover the Bissell Crosswave’s unique features and advantages. A table called “Overview of the Bissell Crosswave” lists product specs, cleaning functions, and extra features.

Product SpecsCleaning FunctionsAdditional Features
Corded, 11 lbs, 28 oz tank, 0.4 amps Brush MotorVacuuming & washing floors simultaneously, dual-action brush rollMulti-surface cleaning, SmartClean fingertip controls, easy-to-remove brush window, Swivel steering

This amazing machine has a dual-action brush roll to remove dirt and grime from surfaces. With SmartClean fingertip controls, you can switch between hard floors and area rugs with ease.

Sarah was struggling to keep her carpets clean due to two young kids and a dog. The Bissell Crosswave proved to be a game changer for her. It eliminated tough stains with its combination of vacuuming and washing features.

Benefits of Using Bissell Crosswave for Cleaning Carpets

The Bissell Crosswave is a stellar carpet cleaner! It offers multiple advantages that make it one-of-a-kind.

  • Efficiency: This machine vacuums and washes simultaneously, saving time and effort. Its dual-action brush roll and strong suction remove even the most embedded dirt and grime.
  • All-in-One Functionality: Not only does it clean carpets, it also works on hardwood floors and tiles! No need for other devices.
  • Time-Saving: The Bissell Crosswave’s design allows for simultaneous washing and drying of carpets. Its advanced technology significantly reduces the drying time compared to traditional carpet cleaners.

Plus, its user-friendly interface and intuitive controls make it a breeze to use. It’s lightweight, too, so you can clean large areas without strain.

Pro Tip: Clean and maintain your Bissell Crosswave regularly according to the manufacturer’s instructions. That way, your carpets will remain fresh and spotless for a long time!

Step 1: Preparing the Bissell Crosswave for Use


Ready to use your Bissell Crosswave? Here’s what to do:

  1. Fill the clean water tank with hot tap water up to the marked line.
  2. Put the right amount of Multi-Surface formula in the tank, following the label instructions.
  3. Attach the clean water tank back on and hear a click.
  4. Plug it in and press the power button.

It’s great for hard floors and carpets. It vacuums and washes them at the same time – no sweat!

Once, I had an accident. I spilled a cup of coffee on my light-colored carpet. It was a mess! But the Bissell Crosswave did the trick. I followed the directions and in minutes, the carpet looked spotless. All traces of coffee were gone. Amazing!

Step 2: Preparing the Carpet for Cleaning

Ready for a spotless carpet? Prep is key! Follow these steps for maximum cleaning efficiency and long-lasting results.

  1. Clear the area of furniture and objects.
  2. Vacuum the carpet to remove dirt and debris.
  3. Treat any stains with specific solutions.
  4. Fix any loose threads or rips.
  5. Test a small area with the Bissell Crosswave cleaner.
  6. Move delicate items away from the cleaning area.

For extra cleaning power, use the accessories included with the Bissell Crosswave cleaner.

Anna was a busy mom with two kids and constant messes. She was fed up with cleaning her carpets the old-fashioned way. Then, she tried the Bissell Crosswave cleaner. With its powerful cleaning and maneuverability, Anna had her carpets spotless in no time. Not only did stubborn stains disappear, but her carpets were also refreshed. Now, she can keep her carpets looking great without all the effort!

Transform your carpets with Bissell Crosswave – get started today!

Step 3: Using the Bissell Crosswave on the Carpet

Say goodbye to difficult stains and hello to beautifully clean carpets with the Bissell Crosswave! This powerful tool can effectively clean carpets with just a few easy steps.

  1. Prepare the area: Clear the carpeted area before using the Bissell Crosswave. This will ensure the machine has unrestricted access and can clean every inch of the carpet.
  2. Fill the water tank: Fill the water tank with a suitable cleaning solution, following the manufacturer’s instructions.
  3. Start cleaning: Turn on the Bissell Crosswave and guide it across the carpet in a smooth and steady motion. Its multi-surface brush roll and powerful suction will remove dirt, stains, and pet hair.

The Bissell Crosswave also works on hard floors – its dual-action brush roll simultaneously mops and picks up debris. Get yours today and experience the convenience and effectiveness of this game-changing cleaning solution for your carpets!

Step 4: Maintenance and Cleaning of the Bissell Crosswave

Proper maintenance is key for an optimal Bissell Crosswave experience. Here’s how to ensure you get the best out of your cleaning machine:

  1. Press the tank release button on the handle and lift off the dirty water tank. Empty any water and debris.
  2. Rinse both the dirty and clean water tanks with warm water. Use a brush to scrub away dirt particles.
  3. Remove and rinse the filter at the bottom of the dirty water tank. Tap out excess dirt, then rinse it under running warm water until it’s clean.
  4. Wipe down the exterior with a damp cloth. No harsh chemicals or abrasive materials.
  5. Clean the brush roll regularly to avoid clogs. Remove any hair, string, or debris.
  6. Reassemble the machine by attaching both tanks and locking all latches in place.

Sarah, a Bissell Crosswave owner, says regular tank cleaning prevents odors. By following proper maintenance guidelines, she experienced pristine floors for years.

Maintaining your Bissell Crosswave is crucial. A little extra time spent on upkeep will ensure you keep enjoying spotless floors and a cleaner home.


It’s clear that the Bissell Crosswave is a great cleaning tool for carpets. Its dual-action brush lifts dirt and grime, while its suction eliminates moisture. Plus, it can be used on multiple surfaces, like hardwood and tile.

The Crosswave also features a smart touch control system for easy switching between modes. According to Consumer Reports, users have praised its performance and ease of use. All this makes it a trustworthy and effective carpet cleaning solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I clean my carpet with the Bissell Crosswave?

Yes, the Bissell Crosswave is designed to clean various types of surfaces, including carpets. It uses a powerful brush roll and suction technology to effectively remove dirt and stains from carpets.

2. How do I clean my carpet with the Bissell Crosswave?

To clean your carpet with the Bissell Crosswave, start by filling the clean water tank with a mixture of water and Bissell cleaning solution. Then, turn on the machine and glide it over your carpet, allowing the brush roll to agitate and lift dirt from the fibers. The dirty water is simultaneously suctioned away into a separate tank.

3. Is the Bissell Crosswave safe for all types of carpets?

The Bissell Crosswave is safe for most carpets, including low-pile carpets, area rugs, and even some medium-pile carpets. However, it is recommended to check the manufacturer’s guidelines for your specific carpet type before using the Bissell Crosswave.

4. Can the Bissell Crosswave remove tough stains from carpets?

Yes, the Bissell Crosswave is capable of removing tough stains from carpets. Its dual-action brush roll and cleaning solution work together to break down and lift stubborn stains. For particularly stubborn stains, you may need to make multiple passes or pre-treat the area before using the Bissell Crosswave.

5. Do I need to vacuum my carpet before using the Bissell Crosswave?

It is recommended to vacuum your carpet before using the Bissell Crosswave. Vacuuming helps to remove loose dirt, debris, and larger particles, allowing the Bissell Crosswave to focus on deep cleaning and extracting embedded dirt.

6. How often should I clean my carpet with the Bissell Crosswave?

The frequency of cleaning your carpet with the Bissell Crosswave depends on factors like foot traffic, pets, and the level of dirt and stains. In general, it is recommended to clean high-traffic areas at least once a week and other areas as needed to maintain a clean and healthy carpet.

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