Norwex Household Package Review

Are you tired of spending countless hours cleaning your home with harsh chemicals that leave behind residue and unpleasant odors? Look no further than the “Norwex Household Package.” This revolutionary product is designed to make household cleaning a breeze, all while promoting a healthier and more environmentally friendly lifestyle. With its microfiber technology, this package includes everything you need to tackle any cleaning task, from the enviro cloth for general cleaning to the window cloth for streak-free windows and mirrors. Say goodbye to disposable wipes and hello to a more sustainable way of maintaining a spotless home with the Norwex Household Package.

Norwex Household Package

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Why Consider This Product?

Keeping your household clean and maintaining a healthy living environment is a top priority for you. That’s why you should consider the Norwex Household Package. This innovative cleaning solution offers numerous benefits that will make your cleaning routine easier, more effective, and environmentally friendly.

Norwex’s use of microfiber technology sets it apart from other cleaning products in the market. Numerous scientific studies have proven that microfiber is highly effective at trapping and removing dust, dirt, and bacteria from surfaces. This means that when you use the Norwex Household Package, you can be confident that your home is truly clean and free from harmful microorganisms.

Moreover, Norwex microfiber has been tested and certified to remove up to 99% of bacteria from surfaces, without the need for harsh chemicals. This makes it a great choice for individuals with allergies, asthma, or sensitive skin. Endorsements from experts in the field of green cleaning and customer testimonials further enhance the credibility of this product.

Features and Benefits

Exceptional Absorbency

The Norwex Household Package boasts exceptional absorbency, allowing you to tackle spills, stains, and messes effortlessly. The high-quality microfiber absorbs moisture quickly, leaving surfaces dry and streak-free.

Versatile Cleaning Options

With the Norwex Household Package, you have a range of cleaning options at your disposal. The enviro cloth is perfect for everyday cleaning tasks, while the window cloth ensures a crystal clear finish on glass surfaces. The dusting mitt is ideal for dusting hard-to-reach areas, making it a breeze to clean ceiling fans, blinds, and more.

Cost Effective and Eco-Friendly

Investing in the Norwex Household Package not only saves you money in the long run but also contributes to a greener planet. By eliminating the need for disposable paper towels and harsh cleaning chemicals, you can reduce waste and play your part in preserving the environment.

Check out the Norwex Household Package here.

Product Quality

Norwex is renowned for its commitment to producing high-quality cleaning products. The Household Package is no exception. Made from durable and long-lasting microfiber, each cloth and mitt is designed to withstand frequent use and retain its exceptional cleaning properties. You can trust that the Norwex Household Package will deliver consistent results, ensuring a clean and healthy home for years to come.

What It’s Used For

Efficient Cleaning of Multiple Surfaces

The enviro cloth included in the Norwex Household Package is your go-to tool for efficient and effective cleaning throughout your home. It can be used on various surfaces, including countertops, appliances, floors, and more, leaving them sparkling clean and free from dust and grime.

Sparkling Windows and Mirrors

Say goodbye to streaks and smudges on your windows and mirrors with the window cloth. When used in combination with the enviro cloth, it delivers a streak-free shine, leaving your glass surfaces crystal clear and gleaming.

Dusting Made Easy

Dust every nook and cranny with ease using the dusting mitt. Its microfiber material attracts and holds onto dust particles, preventing them from spreading and reducing the need for multiple cleaning tools. From furniture to electronics, the dusting mitt ensures a thorough and efficient clean.

Gentle Care for Delicate Surfaces

The Norwex Household Package is not just effective on tough cleaning jobs; it’s also gentle enough for delicate surfaces. Whether it’s wiping down your laptop screen or cleaning delicate ornaments, the microfiber cloths in this package provide a safe and efficient cleaning solution.

Norwex Household Package

Product Specifications

Enviro ClothMicrofiber35 x 35 cm
Window ClothMicrofiber45 x 45 cm
Dustin MittMicrofiberOne size fits all

Who Needs This

The Norwex Household Package is perfect for anyone who wants to clean their home efficiently, effectively, and without harsh chemicals. It is an excellent choice for individuals with allergies, asthma, or sensitive skin, as it eliminates the need for chemical cleaning products that can trigger reactions. Families, pet owners, and eco-conscious individuals will all benefit from the convenience and environmental friendliness of this package.

Norwex Household Package

Pros and Cons


  • Highly effective at removing dust, dirt, and bacteria
  • Versatile cleaning options for multiple surfaces
  • Exceptional durability and long-lasting performance
  • Cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to disposable paper towels and harsh chemicals
  • Safe for individuals with allergies, asthma, or sensitive skin


  • Limited color options for microfiber cloths
  • May require regular washing to maintain optimal cleaning performance


Q: How often should I wash the microfiber cloths and mitt? A: It is recommended to wash them after each use or as needed, depending on the level of dirt or grime.

Q: Can I use the Norwex Household Package on delicate surfaces? A: Yes, the microfiber cloths are safe to use on delicate surfaces, such as glass, electronics, and ornaments.

Q: Are these products safe for pets? A: Yes, the Norwex Household Package is safe for use around pets. The absence of harsh chemicals ensures a clean environment without the risk of harmful exposure.

Norwex Household Package

What Customers Are Saying

Customers rave about the Norwex Household Package, praising its exceptional cleaning power and ability to eliminate the need for disposable products. Many customers have noticed a significant improvement in the cleanliness and freshness of their homes since using these microfiber cloths and mitt. The effectiveness and environmental friendliness of the Norwex Household Package have garnered numerous positive reviews and loyal customers.

Overall Value

The Norwex Household Package offers exceptional value for money. Its superior cleaning power, versatility, and eco-friendly nature make it an investment that pays off in the long run. By reducing the use of disposable products and harsh chemicals, you not only contribute to a healthier environment but also enjoy a cleaner and safer living space.

Norwex Household Package

Tips and Tricks For Best Results

  • Rinse the microfiber cloths and mitt thoroughly before use to ensure optimal performance.
  • For tough stains or spots, dampen the cloth or mitt with water and gently rub the area in a circular motion.
  • Regularly wash the microfiber cloths and mitt to maintain their cleanliness and effectiveness.
  • Avoid using fabric softeners or bleach when washing the microfiber products, as these may affect their performance.

Final Thoughts

Product Summary

The Norwex Household Package, consisting of the enviro cloth, window cloth, and dusting mitt, provides an efficient, eco-friendly, and effective cleaning solution for your home. With exceptional absorbency and versatility, these microfiber products provide a superior clean without the need for harsh chemicals or disposable products. Whether you’re tackling spills, cleaning windows, or dusting those hard-to-reach areas, the Norwex Household Package has you covered.

Final Recommendation

If you’re looking for a cleaning solution that is economical, environmentally friendly, and delivers outstanding cleanliness, the Norwex Household Package is the perfect choice for you. With its exceptional quality, versatility, and customer satisfaction, it’s time to upgrade your cleaning routine and experience the difference Norwex microfiber can make in your home.

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