how to remove salt stains from wood and tile floorsArgh!  Despite placing mats over the majority of my mud room, the boys still manage to step on – or put their wet boots in – the one little spot where there’s no mat.

It’s not that the salt is hard to clean, it’s just… “put your freaking boots on the mat, will ya!”

3 Easy Steps to Keeping your Floors Salt Stain Free

  1. Grab a damp e-cloth (or any other high quality microfiber cloth or mop)
  2. Wipe the floor with the e-cloth (or mop).  This will very easily remove most salt stains and will take a matter of seconds.
  3. If there is a buildup of salt (i.e, the damp e-cloth didn’t get it all), spray the area with diluted vinegar – 1 part water to 1/4 part vinegar – let it sit a minute or 4 and then wipe again.

ecloth cleans salt stainsProtecting your Floors from Salt

If left, salt can dissolve the finish on some floors so it’s important to stay on top of it.  It may be impossible to prevent all salt stains but here are a few tips to keep them at bay:

  1. Get rid of as much snow/salt off your boots OUTSIDE.  Have a mat outside the door, “clap” your feet together, or kick a step to knock the snow off before stepping inside.  Teach your kids how to do this too!
  2. Even if you hate them (like me), suck it up for winter and put a couple (few) mats down in the entrance way.  Encourage kids to take all their gear off on the mats and to not step off them until their boots are off. Obviously, the bigger the mats, the better when you’re dealing with young kids.
  3. Keep wet boots on the mats or in trays.
  4. Show your kids/spouse what happens to the floor when they step off the mats then get them to wipe up the mess! A quick wipe with an e-cloth is easy enough that the kids can do it – and maybe that’ll help them remember to put their boots in the right spot!

This is my floor after using only a damp e-cloth General Purpose Cloth. Easy as pie!

ecloth cleans salt stains