How Do I Clean My Washing Machine After Bed Bugs?

How Do I Clean My Washing Machine After Bed Bugs?Cleaning a washing machine after bed bug infestation is a huge task. These tiny pests can hide in the crevices of the machine, so you need to act fast. We’ll show you how to get rid of them.

  1. First, take out all clothing and bedding that may have been in contact with the bed bugs. Wash them separately in hot water and dry on high heat. This will make sure any remaining bugs are dead.
  2. Vacuum the inside of the machine. Pay attention to the drum, seals and hard-to-reach spots. Use a brush attachment to remove eggs or dead bugs. Empty and clean the vacuum cleaner immediately to prevent re-infestation.
  3. Mix equal parts of water and bleach in a spray bottle. Spray the entire interior surface of the machine, including the drum and agitator. Leave the bleach solution for 10 minutes, then wipe off with a clean cloth or sponge.
  4. For stubborn bed bugs, use a steam cleaner. The high temperature will kill them without harsh chemicals.

Mary’s story: Mary discovered her apartment was full of bed bugs! She cleaned every corner, including her washing machine. She washed her clothes at high temperatures and steam cleaned her machine. With hard work, she eliminated all the bed bugs from her home.

Understanding Bed Bugs in Washing Machines

Bed bugs are tiny, bothersome bugs that can take up residence in your home. These parasites are experts at hiding in the tiniest of spaces – even your washing machine! To make sure they’re gone for good, it’s crucial to comprehend how bed bugs react in washers.

These minuscule insects are incredibly strong and can withstand high and low temperatures as well as chemical treatments. However, there are ways to take them on.

  1. Heat it up: Turn up the heat on your washing machine by selecting its highest setting. This will help eradicate the bed bugs by drying them out and damaging their cells.
  2. Choose a good detergent: Get a detergent designed to target bed bugs or one with powerful anti-parasitic properties to help you out.
  3. Prolong the cycle: Make the wash cycle longer to give the garments multiple agitation stages – this will make it easier to dislodge any bed bugs.
  4. Dry your items: After the wash cycle, shift the clothes to a dryer set on its highest temperature. This will help eliminate any surviving bed bugs.

By following these tips, you can successfully rid your washing machine of bed bugs and prevent any future infestations. Remember to be cautious when managing infested items, and consult an expert if the situation worsens.

Step-by-Step Guide to Cleaning Your Washing Machine after Bed Bugs

A bed bug infestation in your washing machine is a troublesome problem. Follow these steps to make sure your machine is bug-free:

  1. Inspect: Check for any signs of bed bugs, such as eggs, shells, or fecal stains. Search crevices and hidden spots, too.
  2. Empty & Clean: Take out all items and remove removable parts, like lint filters or agitators. Clean them with hot water and detergent. Scrub away dirt and debris.
  3. Hot Cycle: Set the machine to the highest temperature and run a cycle with hot water only. The heat will kill any bugs or eggs. Add bleach or vinegar for extra cleaning.
  4. Dry & Maintain: Open the machine to air dry. Inspect it again. Reassemble all removable parts. Clean and maintain your machine following manufacturer guidelines.

To prevent future problems:

  • Put clothing in sealed plastic bags before loading.
  • Don’t leave wet laundry in the machine. Dampness attracts bugs.
  • Inspect second-hand and borrowed garments before washing.

By following these steps, you can effectively keep bed bugs away from your washing machine.

Prevention Tips to Avoid Future Infestations

For a bed bug-free home, it’s key to take preventative measures. Vacuuming, sealing cracks, and washing/drying bedding on high heat can help. Sarah, from Michigan, had a bed bug infestation last year, but after implementing prevention tips she now sleeps soundly. To stay safe, take heed of Sarah’s example and incorporate preventative measures into your routine!


Once you know how to clean your washing machine from bed bugs, you must take action right away.

  1. Take out any clothes or items and vacuum all surfaces.
  2. Wash the parts that can be removed in hot water with detergent to get rid of bed bugs and eggs.
  3. Clean the inside of the washer with a mix of bleach and water to kill any pests left.
  4. Also, use a special spray or insecticide made for washing machines to make sure pests are gone.
  5. Cleaning and upkeep can stop new infestations.

Be alert and carefully follow these steps to keep your washer bug-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know if my washing machine is infested with bed bugs?

Answer: Look for signs of bed bugs such as live bugs, blood stains, or dark spots on the interior walls of your washing machine.

2. Can bed bugs survive in the washing machine?

Answer: Bed bugs cannot survive hot water temperatures beyond 120°F. Washing your clothes in hot water and then drying them on high heat will kill any bed bugs present.

3. How often should I clean my washing machine to prevent bed bugs?

Answer: It is recommended to clean your washing machine at least once a month to prevent any infestations. This includes running a hot water cycle without any clothes and wiping down the interior walls.

4. What cleaning products should I use to clean my washing machine after bed bugs?

Answer: Use a combination of bleach and hot water to clean the interior walls of your washing machine. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and wear protective gloves during the process.

5. Are there any preventive measures I can take to avoid bed bugs in my washing machine?

Answer: To prevent bed bugs from entering your washing machine, make sure to regularly clean your bedding, vacuum your bedroom, and inspect for signs of bed bugs on your mattress and furniture.

6. Can bed bugs spread from my washing machine to other clothes or areas of my home?

Answer: It is unlikely for bed bugs to spread from your washing machine to other clothes if you properly wash and dry them at high temperatures. However, it is important to regularly clean and inspect your washing machine to prevent any potential infestations.

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