My neighbour, who has always been meticulous about his yard maintenance (dare I say freak?), retired last year and has now become obsessed with keeping his 3 cars/trucks clean. Don’t get me started on my thoughts of a retired male with 3 vehicles. In any case, he’s been a good neighbour to us – the kind of guy that goes out with his snowblower and cleans your driveway and sidewalk in the winter – and I’ve been wondering how to repay him. Well now I know.

e-cloth® has a special Car Washing Bundle on sale for Father’s Day. Sure, he’s not my Dad, but I owe him. And if I play my cards right, maybe he’ll use his prezzie on MY car. It’s win-win, right?

So, what’s on sale?

1) The Bundle: It includes both the Interior and Exterior Car washing packs and by purchasing the bundle, you save $8 over buying them separately.

    • Dual Action Car Washing Mitt
    • Chrome & Glass Polishing Cloth
    • Dry and Shine Cloth (better than any chamois you’ll ever use!)
    • General Purpose Cloth
    • Glass & Polishing Cloth
    • Water Atomizer
    • Laundry Bag

Click on the image below for more info.

e-cloth car washing bundle

e-cloth® Car Washing Bundle $36.98 – Includes everything you need to wash your car inside and out.

2) Singles: If the bundle is more than Dad needs, we’ve got three of our e-auto cloths on sale for $5.99 each (regularly $7.99 each)

Of course, if you want to pamper your Dad instead of making him work, I don’t know anyone that doesn’t love the new e-body bath towel. Pure luxury and it dries you off like nobody’s business! I’ve got a couple of reviews of it here on my blog if you’d like my honest (and glowing) opinion of it!

ebody luxury microfiber bath towel by e-cloth


How Long is the Sale on For?

Until Father’s Day (that’s June 16th this year). For US customers, please order by June 10 for delivery in time. For my fellow Canadians, you should probably order by June 5th if you want them there in time to make an impression.

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