splurge worthy e cloth products

Are you tired of constantly buying disposable cleaning products that end up in the landfill? Do you want to find a more sustainable and effective way to keep your home spotless? Look no further than splurge-worthy E cloth products! These innovative cleaning tools have taken the market by storm with their exceptional performance and eco-friendly approach.

E cloth products are not your average cleaning cloths. They are engineered with advanced microfiber technology that allows them to tackle dirt, grime, and bacteria with ease. What sets them apart is their ability to clean using just water, eliminating the need for harmful chemicals that can be harsh on both your health and the environment.

By investing in these top-notch cleaning tools, you not only save money in the long run but also contribute to a greener and cleaner planet. In this blog post, we will delve into some of the splurge-worthy E cloth products that are worth every penny, making your cleaning routine a breeze while minimizing your carbon footprint.


  1. Loved by Real Simple Set – in my opinion, this is the best kept secret on the e-cloth products website.  Unless you know it’s there, you won’t find it. It includes the mop (which comes with a damp pad) AND an extra damp pad, 4 General Purpose cloths, 1 Glass & Polishing cloth and a washing up pad. You’ll save $15 by purchasing the bundle rather than getting the items individually. I do recommend purchasing a dust pad for the mop in addition to this. You can see my review of the mop – (including a comparison to the Norwex Mop). 
  2. Deep Clean Mop – this is a big-ticket item that people covet.  Probably something you hum and haw over, wondering if it’s really any better than your existing mop.  Well stop wondering… it IS better. WAY better! I’ve got a review/comparison to Norwex mop of it here on my blogIf you’ve got pets, this is a must-have. Especially this time of year when the shedding is on full tilt and muddy paw prints prevail. We also have lots of mop “bundles” that’ll save you big money if you’re looking at getting multiple items.  But the bundles aren’t on sale right now. NOTE – I highly recommend that if you get the mop that you also purchase the dusting pad for it (note: one blue damp pad comes with the mop).  The mop dusting pad is my MOST USED ITEM and it’ll save you lots of time – and frustration.
  3. Glassware Drying and Polishing Cloth – This little beauty is often over-looked. It’s kinda hard to find on the website and likely not something you’d search for.  But it’s a gem of a dish-dryer.  Use if for all your dish-drying – not just glasses. You’ll be impressed by how quickly – and how much – water it absorbs. Not to mention the streak-free finish on your glasses!
  4. Pet Grooming Mitt – This is the single best thing I ever got for my old dog, Roxy (I gave it away after Roxy died so my new dog, Ruger, hasn’t had a chance to be pampered yet). She loved how it felt and I loved how it cleaned her coat and removed dander.  Note, this is not a brush and it isn’t great for removing hair. This mitt made my dog’s coat shine! I used it AFTER I had brushed her to remove the dead skin that the brush brings to the surface. And I used it a LOT in spring, summer and fall to remove dust and dirt from her hair. Roxy loved the feel of the bristly side on her face and in her ears. I also highly recommend the pet towel. If your dog has been out in the rain (or mud), this towel will dry him off far more quickly than a cotton towel. It’s also great for cleaning muddy paws.
  5. Office Cleaning Bundle – don’t let the “office” part of the name of this set throw you off. I don’t have an office,but this set is full of e-cloth products that I use all over the house. You will use all the cloths AND save money buy purchasing them in a set instead of individually.

Benefits of E cloth products:

When it comes to cleaning, E cloth products offer a multitude of benefits that make them truly worth splurging on. Here are some of the key advantages of incorporating these innovative cleaning tools into your household routine:

1. Superior Cleaning Performance: E cloth products are designed to deliver exceptional cleaning results. The unique microfiber technology used in these cloths enables them to effectively capture and remove dirt, grease, and bacteria from various surfaces. The microscopic fibers have a high density, providing a greater surface area for trapping particles, ensuring a deep and thorough clean every time.

2. Environmentally Friendly: One of the standout features of E cloth products is their eco-friendliness. By utilizing just water for cleaning, these cloths eliminate the need for chemical-laden cleaning solutions. This not only reduces your exposure to harmful toxins but also helps to minimize the environmental impact caused by the production and disposal of traditional cleaning products. E cloth products are a sustainable choice that supports a greener planet.

3. Time and Money Saving: Investing in splurge-worthy E cloth products can save you both time and money in the long run. With their high-performance capabilities, these cloths allow you to clean efficiently and quickly. Plus, since they are reusable and durable, you won’t have to constantly buy disposable cleaning wipes or replace worn-out cloths. This means fewer trips to the store and more savings in your pocket.

4. Versatility: E cloth products are incredibly versatile, suitable for a wide range of cleaning tasks. Whether it’s wiping down kitchen countertops, polishing glass surfaces, or dusting furniture, there’s an E cloth designed specifically for the job. The various specialized cloths available cater to different surfaces and materials, ensuring optimal results without the need for multiple cleaning products.

By embracing splurge-worthy E cloth products, you not only elevate your cleaning routine but also contribute to a healthier home environment and a more sustainable future. These cloths provide superior cleaning performance, reduce your reliance on chemicals, save you time and money, and offer versatility for all your cleaning needs. It’s time to make the switch to E cloth and experience the difference firsthand.


In conclusion, splurging on E cloth products is a decision that brings numerous benefits to your cleaning routine and the environment. With their superior cleaning performance, these innovative cloths ensure a deep and thorough clean, leaving your surfaces spotless and sanitized. By relying on the power of water instead of harsh chemicals, E cloth products promote a healthier home environment and contribute to a greener planet by reducing waste and minimizing the use of harmful substances.

Not only do E cloth products excel in their cleaning capabilities, but they also offer long-term savings. By investing in these durable and reusable cloths, you eliminate the need for disposable cleaning wipes and reduce your overall cleaning expenses. The versatility of E cloth products means you can tackle various cleaning tasks with ease, using specialized cloths for different surfaces and materials.

Make the choice to splurge on E cloth products and experience the difference they can make in your cleaning routine. Say goodbye to single-use products and harmful chemicals, and embrace a more sustainable and effective way of keeping your home clean. With E cloth, you can achieve sparkling results while contributing to a healthier planet for generations to come.

So, what are you waiting for? Upgrade your cleaning arsenal with splurge-worthy E cloth products and enjoy the benefits of superior cleaning, environmental responsibility, and long-term savings. Your home and the planet will thank you!