There’s a lot of confusion over how Norwex BacLock microfiber cloths work and what exactly the silver does. All Norwex microfiber works amazingly to clean surfaces and pick up dirt and bacteria, but here are …

5 things you should know about your BacLock cloths:

  1. The Microfiber Cloth cleans your house (or car, or boat…) and the silver agent cleans your microfiber cloth!  Let me phrase that another way: THE SILVER DOES NOT CLEAN THE SURFACE. Once you’ve wiped up dirt, bacteria and viruses with your Antibac cloth, the silver works to inactivate the bacteria and viruses within the cloth. It does this by suffocating the bacteria so that it doesn’t get the oxygen it needs to survive. After about 18 to 20 hours, your Norwex Antibac cloth will be much cleaner than it was when you finished cleaning with it.  The key point here is that the silver agent does NOT help in the cleaning of surfaces. It’s only when you’re done cleaning that the silver starts working.
  2. The Silver is embedded into every strand of the microfiber and cannot be separated from the fibers. It is NOT nano-silver. It is significantly larger than nano-silver and cannot penetrate the skin.
  3. Your Norwex BacLock/Antibac cloth must be wet to activate the silver. So if you’ve been using the Antibac cloth (or dusting mitt) dry and want to get rid of any bacteria that was picked up, you’ll need to moisten the cloth.
  4. It will take 18 to 20 hours for the silver in your antibac cloth to inactivate the bacteria.
  5. Sometimes there is more bacteria in the cloth than the silver can handle. So, if you just cleaned your toilet or raw meat juices, please launder your cloth before using it again.

Personally, it’s my opinion that if you’re washing your microfiber cloth regularly, you don’t need the confusion associated with the silver.