5 Stars for the Norwex Cleaning Paste


A little goes a long, long, long way. Just a dab will clean your double kitchen sink. A couple of dabs will clean your bathtub. And this Paste cleans up the tough, baked on and stained stuff that your other cleaners left behind.

I purchased a tub of the Norwex Cleaning Paste a year ago and have used maybe a quarter of it. It’s not because I don’t use it frequently – I do – it’s because this stuff is magic! A little dab is all you need for tough jobs.

Personally, I like to use a ecloth Washing Up Pad with the Cleaning Paste. Some people use an Enviro cloth but I find that the darned microfiber is just too good. It sucks up the paste, deep into the fibers and doesn’t let go. So Washing Up Pad it is for me.


  • the kitchen sink (stainless steel)
  • the stove top – to get the stuck, baked-on gunk
  • the tub (porcelain) – it works great on soap scum
  • the inside of the window on the door of the oven (I could use it to clean the entire oven, but the Norwex Oven & Grill Cleaner is much easier – see my review. I just occasionally use the paste on the window so I can see in)
  • stainless steel pots
  • pyrex glass casserole dishes – especially burned on food and those brown grease spots
  • the kitchen countertop (laminate) – it’s great for removing tea/coffee cup ring stains, fruit stains, permanent ink, etc.
  • the inside of the microwave (if there’s cooked-on splatter)
  • sticky stuff on the fridge shelves
  • the dog dishes (stainless steel)
  • stained tea mugs
  • bathroom sink (porcelain)
  • rust stains (particularly in my kitchen sink)
  • chrome on our vehicle


Norwex Cleaning Paste is safe, environmentally friendly, poison-free, acid-free and phosphate-free.

Ingredients: marble flour, chalk, natural soap, traces of coconut oil. That’s it!

Note: Norwex Cleaning Paste is slightly abrasive and therefore is NOT recommended for use on acrylic surfaces, brushed stainless steel, brushed nickel or enamel or ceramic flat stove top surfaces.