Is Norwex a Scam or a Legitimate Cleaning Solution?

Is Norwex a Scam

You’re not alone if you’ve stumbled upon this article while searching for answers to the question, “Is Norwex a Scam?”. Many people are skeptical about the legitimacy of this company, which claims to offer eco-friendly cleaning products that are safe for both people and the planet. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Norwex, examine some common myths and misconceptions surrounding the company, including the “Norwex controversy,” and help you determine whether or not it’s a worthwhile investment.

I spent an hour looking through my blog’s stats this morning – wondering how many people visited, where they visited from (a shout out to those from Iraq, Egypt, Thailand and Kenya today), and most importantly, what they were searching for.

Remarkably, the Number 1 search that has brought people to my blog over the past couple of weeks is: “Is Norwex a Scam?“.

This seemed like an odd question to me, and made me curious.  Are people wondering whether the entire Norwex business is a scam or if the cloths work as advertised? I don’t know all the ins and outs of the Norwex business but I was a Norwex consultant for a while (please note past tense) so I know a bit about how they make their money.

Evaluating Norwex’s Claims:

Norwex makes bold claims about their products, from reducing chemical usage to improving indoor air quality. This section’ll examine these claims and evaluate their validity based on available information and customer experiences.

1. Effectiveness in Cleaning Surfaces:

Norwex products, particularly their microfiber cloths, are praised for their ability to effectively clean surfaces without the need for additional cleaning agents. Many users report satisfactory results, noting that the microfiber technology traps and removes dirt, dust, and bacteria. While individual experiences may vary depending on the cleaning task and surface, Norwex products have demonstrated effectiveness overall.

2. Reducing Chemical Usage:

One of Norwex’s key claims is that its products can significantly reduce the need for chemical cleaning agents. While it’s true that microfiber cloths can remove dirt without chemicals, certain stains or heavy grime may require additional cleaning products. However, Norwex’s emphasis on minimizing chemical usage aligns with the growing demand for eco-friendly cleaning alternatives.

3. Improving Indoor Air Quality:

Norwex asserts that its products improve indoor air quality by reducing harmful chemicals and contaminants. While microfiber cloths can capture particles effectively, it’s important to note that Norwex does not claim to be a comprehensive air purifier. A holistic approach that includes proper ventilation, air filtration systems, and other measures may be necessary to improve indoor air quality.

To evaluate Norwex’s claims, it’s crucial to consider both customer testimonials and independent research. While individual experiences may vary, many users have reported positive results and appreciate Norwex’s commitment to sustainability. However, it’s important to approach claims with a critical mindset and assess their applicability to your specific cleaning needs.

The next section’ll delve into Norwex’s business model to better understand how they operate. Stay tuned to explore the direct sales approach and its implications for consumers.

Investigating Norwex’s Business Model:

Norwex operates under a direct sales business model, which means their products are primarily sold through independent consultants rather than traditional retail channels. In this section, we’ll delve into Norwex’s business model, discuss its benefits and potential drawbacks, and address any associated concerns or controversies.

  1. Direct Sales Approach: Norwex’s direct sales model allows individuals to become independent consultants and earn income by selling Norwex products. This approach offers flexibility and entrepreneurial opportunities for those interested in the cleaning industry. It also enables personalized customer service and educates consumers about Norwex’s products.
  2. Benefits of Direct Sales: Direct sales often provide a more personalized shopping experience, with consultants offering demonstrations, product knowledge, and tailored recommendations. Customers can ask questions, receive guidance, and learn about the best ways to use Norwex products. Additionally, the direct sales model fosters community and support among consultants.
  3. Potential Drawbacks: One common concern with direct sales models is the potential for aggressive sales tactics or misinformation. It’s important to ensure that Norwex consultants provide accurate information and adhere to ethical business practices. Some individuals may also prefer the convenience of traditional retail channels or online shopping without the need for direct interaction.
  4. Controversies and Concerns: Like any company, Norwex has faced criticism and controversies about their direct sales model. Some concerns raised include the pressure on consultants to meet sales quotas, potential issues with product availability or quality control, and potential income disparities among consultants. Norwex needs to address these concerns and maintain transparency in their business practices.

Investigating Norwex’s business model sheds light on the direct sales approach and its implications for consumers. While the model offers benefits such as personalized service and entrepreneurial opportunities, it’s crucial for both Norwex and their consultants to uphold ethical standards and provide accurate information to consumers.

Consumer Protection and Regulatory Compliance:

Consumer protection and regulatory compliance are vital when evaluating any product or company, including Norwex. This section’ll explore the legal framework governing product claims, examine any legal actions or complaints related to Norwex, and discuss the company’s commitment to regulatory compliance.

  • Product Claims and Regulations: Product claims are subject to consumer protection laws and regulations to ensure they are truthful and not misleading. In many jurisdictions, claims related to health, safety, and environmental impact must be supported by scientific evidence. Norwex is expected to comply with these regulations to maintain transparency and protect consumer interests.
  • Legal Actions and Complaints: While it’s essential to approach legal actions and complaints cautiously, it’s worth exploring any significant cases or complaints related to Norwex. Conducting independent research can provide insights into any potential issues or concerns that have arisen. It’s important to distinguish isolated incidents from systemic problems, as occasional complaints can arise with any company.
  • Norwex’s Commitment to Compliance: Norwex, as a reputable company, strives to comply with relevant regulations and standards. They emphasize product safety and environmental responsibility, aligning with their mission to provide sustainable and effective cleaning solutions. Regular quality control measures and adherence to regulatory requirements help ensure consumer satisfaction and confidence in Norwex’s products.

Consumers can make informed decisions by understanding the legal framework surrounding product claims and examining Norwex’s commitment to regulatory compliance. Companies like Norwex must prioritize transparency, follow industry regulations, and promptly address concerns.


Norwex is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that relies mainly on home parties for sales.  A party goes something like this:

  • A Norwex Consultant comes to your home and presents/demonstrates the products.
  • Because you hosted the “party”, you get a discount on products based on how much your friends purchase.
  • Also, depending on how much your friends purchase, you may be eligible for some gifts.
  • Meanwhile, the Consultant that demonstrated the products at your party gets a commission on each sale.
  • In the background is the person that recruited the Norwex Consultant (i.e. another Norwex Consultant who suggested that this person should try selling Norwex).  That person ALSO gets a commission on the sales at your party, as does the person that recruited him/her… and so on, all the way to the top.

Norwex is a legitimate company and follows a marketing strategy similar to many other MLM companies.

But, all the commissions and “free” gifts come at a price.  Have you seen the prices at Norwex?  Cha-freaking-ching!

As a Norwex Consultant, I had (note past tense) trouble justifying the cost of the products. But it was the home parties that really bothered me. Essentially, when you host a party, you rely on your friends to buy lots of stuff at a high price so that you can get some free.  Call me crazy but isn’t that just taking advantage of your friends?

So I said bye-bye to Norwex.


Take a wander through my blog. See up at the top there… That heading “Norwex Reviews”?  I’ve got lots of great reviews of the Norwex products up there.  That’s because the products work, and they work well.

Regardless of whether you believe they really pick up bacteria or not (they do, btw!), there is no denying that the Norwex cloths clean as well or better than your old fashioned cleansers and cloths.  Dusting, sopping up spills, cleaning countertops to tubs to windows, these cloths are amazing! The first time you try one, you’ll be hooked. And if you’re not, well send it back and get your money back.


Nope.  It’s just more expensive.

Now, if you’ve read all this, then why not read through a few of my reviews.  And then look at the e-cloth reviews (also up there at the top).  E-cloth is equally incredible, only the prices are so much lower! And maybe take a look at why I switched from Norwex to e-cloth.

And if you already feel like you can trust me (of course you do), just head over to site and check out a few of the cloths.  You’ll be surprised by the prices and really, you’ve got nothing to lose since we offer free shipping in the US and a full money back/satisfaction guarantee!


When it comes to the question of “is Norwex a scam?”, it’s important to look beyond the myths and misconceptions that surround the company. The truth is, Norwex provides a diverse selection of premium eco-friendly cleaning and personal care products that enable individuals to establish a safer, healthier, and more sustainable living environment. If you’re searching for cleaning products that are both effective and environmentally friendly, Norwex is an option that’s definitely worth exploring.

If you’re looking for honest feedback about Norwex cleaning products, check out these comprehensive and candid Norwex reviews to help you make an informed decision.