Is your e-cloth General Purpose or Norwex Enviro cloth feeling kinda stiff? Has it lost that wonderful plushy softness? Not as absorbent as it used to be?

Fear not, my friend. Getting your favourite cleaning cloth back to it’s soft, soak-it-up- goodness is easy as pie.

How to Fix Stiff or Crunchy Norwex and e-cloths

Soak it in vinegar.

how to fix stiff or crunchy norwex or ecloth microfiber clothsYup, your old pal vinegar. If you don’t have huge jugs of vinegar stored all over your house, maybe consider stocking up because it’s the miracle solution to a lot of life’s everyday problems.

So, soak your Norwex or e-cloth microfibre cloth in un-diluted vinegar for a while (a few minutes, or hours if you want to just leave it).

Then launder it in hot water and dry it in the dryer. You can skip the laundering if you want but I’m assuming you’ve been using the cloth and maybe it’s time for a good wash.

Why Do Norwex or e-cloth Cloth get Stiff?

Because the fibers get coated with… stuff. Like:

  • Calcium/magnesium/lime if you’ve got hard water
  • Detergent if you use too much detergent or don’t rinse enough. This is most often an issue if you’re using a detergent with fillers or rinsing your cloth after each use with a bit of dish soap. Make sure to rinse it well afterwards to get all that soap out.
  • Grease, dirt, gunk if you don’t launder your cloths frequently enough. Wondering how often you should launder your Norwex or e-cloths? This will help.
  • Grease, dirt, gunk if you don’t launder your cloths with hot water. Hot water opens up the fibres to release all that gunk. You can wash them with cold water but please do a hot wash or boil them occasionally.
  • Fabric softener. Remember: fabric softener is a no-no with microfibre. It coats the fibres AND it takes away the static charge which you WANT in a good microfibre cloth so that you can dust with it. If you accidentally wash/dry your norwex or e-cloth with fabric softener, don’t worry. It will come out in the next wash or you can soak the cloth in vinegar and then launder it.

How to Prevent your Norwex or e-cloth from Getting Stiff?

  1. Rinse the cloth well after every use. Use a bit of dish soap if you’ve been cleaning greasy areas.
  2. Launder your cloth regularly IN A WASHING MACHINE, preferably with hot water. The cloths need the combination of hot water and good agitation to be properly cleaned
  3. Add 1/4 cup of vinegar to the rinse cycle. I just put it in the liquid softener dispenser. Keep a jug of vinegar by your washing machine. Have you tried putting 1/4 cup in with your bathroom towels? Particularly for those of you that line-dry your towels, the vinegar will soften them up and keep them from getting stiff.
  4. Boil your cloths occasionally. 10 minutes (with lots of water so they don’t boil dry) with a bit of dish soap or laundry detergent. You can also add 1/4 cup of vinegar. If you use soap or detergent, drain them and then either boil again with no soap/detergent or rinse well in the sink.

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