Is your e-cloth® General Purpose or Norwex Enviro cloth feeling kinda stiff? Has it lost that wonderful plushy softness? Not as absorbent as it used to be?

Fear not, my friend. Getting your favorite cleaning cloth back to it’s soft, soak-it-up- goodness is easy as pie.

Resolving Crunchy or Stiff Texture Issues:

Dealing with crunchy or stiff Norwex and e-cloth can be frustrating, but fear not! There are effective methods to restore their softness and flexibility. Follow these steps to resolve the texture issues:

1. Stripping the Cloth: If detergent or fabric softener residue has built up on your Norwex or e-cloth, stripping the cloth can help remove the residue and restore its softness.

  • Soaking in a Vinegar Solution: Fill a basin or sink with warm water and add half a cup of white vinegar. Submerge the cloth and let it soak for about 30 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with water and launder as usual.
  • Using a Laundry Stripping Method: For more stubborn build-up, try laundry stripping. Fill a bathtub with hot water, add a mixture of borax, washing soda, and laundry detergent. Submerge the cloth and let it soak for a few hours or overnight. Rinse thoroughly and launder as usual.

2. Dealing with Hard Water Deposits: Hard water can create a crunchy or stiff texture. To combat this issue:

  • Soaking in a Citric Acid Solution: Fill a basin or sink with warm water and dissolve a tablespoon of citric acid powder. Soak the cloth for 15-30 minutes, then rinse thoroughly and launder.
  • Utilizing a Water Softening Product: Consider using a water-softening product specifically designed for laundry. Follow the instructions provided by the product to soften the water and minimize mineral deposits on the cloth.

3. Correct Washing and Drying Techniques: Proper washing and drying methods can also help maintain the softness of your Norwex and e-cloth.

  • Choosing a Mild Detergent: Opt for a mild, fragrance-free detergent when laundering your clothes. Harsh detergents can leave residues and contribute to stiffness.
  • Avoiding Fabric Softeners and Dryer Sheets: Fabric softeners and dryer sheets can coat the fibers, creating a crunchy texture. Skip these products when laundering your cloths.
  • Optimal Washing Machine Settings and Temperature: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for washing your clothes, including recommended settings and temperature ranges.
  • Air Drying or Using Low Heat Settings: Air dry your Norwex and e-cloth whenever possible. If using a dryer, select low heat settings to prevent excessive heat exposure that can affect the cloth’s texture.

By following these steps and adopting proper washing and drying techniques, you can restore the softness and flexibility of your Norwex and e-cloth. Say goodbye to the crunchiness and stiffness, and welcome back the enjoyable cleaning experience they offer. In the next section, we’ll discuss preventive measures to keep your cloths in optimal condition and avoid future texture issues. Stay tuned!

Why Does Your Norwex or e-cloth® Cloth get Stiff?

Because the fibers get coated with… stuff. Like:

  • Calcium/magnesium/lime if you’ve got hard water
  • Detergent if you use too much detergent or don’t rinse enough. This is often an issue if you’re using a detergent with fillers or rinsing your cloth after each use with a bit of dish soap. Make sure to rinse it well afterwards to get all that soap out.
  • Grease, dirt, gunk if you don’t launder your cloths frequently enough. Wondering how often you should launder your Norwex or e-cloths? 
  • Grease, dirt, gunk if you don’t launder your cloths with hot water. Hot water opens up the fibers to release all that gunk. You can wash them with cold water but please do a hot wash or boil them occasionally.
  • Fabric softener. Remember: fabric softener is a no-no with microfiber. It coats the fibers AND it takes away the static charge which you WANT in a good microfiber cloth so that you can dust with it. If you accidentally wash/dry your norwex or e-cloth® with fabric softener, don’t worry. It will come out in the next wash or 2. Or you can soak the cloth in vinegar and then launder it.

How Do you Prevent your Norwex or e-cloth® Cloth from Getting Stiff?

Prevention is key to maintaining the softness and flexibility of your Norwex and e-cloth. By implementing these preventive measures, you can minimize the chances of experiencing crunchy or stiff texture issues in the future:

1. Proper Cloth Storage:

Store your Norwex and e-cloth in a clean, dry location to prevent exposure to moisture or contaminants. Avoid storing them in areas where they may come into contact with harsh chemicals or other substances that could affect their texture.

2. Regular Cleaning and Maintenance:

Establish a regular cleaning routine for your cloths. Launder them after each use or as needed, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Regular cleaning helps remove any residues and keeps the fibers in good condition.

3. Using the Right Cleaning Products:

Stick to mild, fragrance-free detergents when washing your Norwex and e-cloth. Harsh detergents and fabric softeners can leave residues that contribute to a crunchy or stiff texture. Avoid using bleach or other strong cleaning agents that may damage the fibers.

4. Avoiding Excessive Heat Exposure:

Excessive heat can impact the texture of your cloths. Whenever possible, opt for air drying your Norwex and e-cloth. If you choose to use a dryer, select low heat settings to minimize the risk of heat damage.

5. Gentle Handling:

Handle your cloths with care to avoid unnecessary stress on the fibers. Avoid wringing or twisting them vigorously, as this can contribute to wear and tear. Instead, gently squeeze out excess water and allow them to air dry or use gentle patting motions to remove excess moisture.


Dealing with crunchy or stiff Norwex and e-cloth can be resolved by following proper techniques and preventive measures. By understanding the causes of texture issues, such as detergent residue or hard water deposits, you can effectively address these problems using stripping methods or soaking solutions. Additionally, adopting correct washing and drying techniques, such as using mild detergents, avoiding fabric softeners, and opting for air drying or low heat settings, can help maintain the softness and flexibility of your cloths.

Prevention is key to avoiding future texture problems. Proper cloth storage, regular cleaning and maintenance, using the right cleaning products, and gentle handling are essential preventive measures. By implementing these strategies, you can prolong the lifespan of your Norwex and e-cloth, ensuring they continue to provide optimal cleaning performance while maintaining their soft and flexible texture.

Remember, the key to keeping your Norwex and e-cloth in prime condition is a combination of proper care and proactive measures. With these tips in mind, you can enjoy the full benefits of your cleaning cloths, achieving efficient and eco-friendly cleaning results.