why ecloths don't have silver in them

Howdy! I’m thinking you probably stumbled upon this post as you were doing a search on Norwex, trying to figure out if it’s really any good and why the heck the silver is in there.

Then, as you were searching, you came across my blog, read a few of my glowing reviews of e-cloth® and said:

e-cloth®! What the heck is e-cloth? Wow, Kate makes e-cloths sound really great.  But gee whiz, they don’t have silver in them like the Norwex cloths do.  Kate must be some sort of dingbat. Surely e-cloth can’t be as good as Norwex if it doesn’t have silver in it.  Can it?

But hey, wait now! Let me fill you in on the 3 reasons why e-cloths don’t have silver in them and then you can make up your own mind :

1) E-cloths Don’t Need Silver

The cleaning power of any microfiber cloth depends only on:

  1. what the fibers are made of
  2. how thin and strong the fibers are (the thinner and stronger the better)
  3. how many fibers there are (the more the better)

Did you notice that silver wasn’t in that list?  That’s because silver does not clean surfaces! Microfiber does.

When you wipe a surface with an e-cloth, the hundreds of millions of strands pick up the dirt/grease/grime/bacteria and trap it in the cloth. E-cloths are so effective at cleaning that lab testing has proven that they pick up over 99% of bacteria.

So what do you do now that you’ve got an e-cloth filled with a dirty mess and bacteria?

You rinse it.  That’s it.

E-cloth® took the lab testing a step further and found that by simply rinsing the cloth well, over 99% of any bacteria trapped in the cloth will be removed. I suspect that the same (or at least very similar results) is true for Norwex cloths.

The only thing that silver in microfiber cloths does is speed up the killing of bacteria IN THE CLOTH. 

Yes, you read that correctly.  Silver only helps to kill bacteria in the cloth.

But… like I mentioned above, if you rinse your e-cloth after you use it, there is virtually no bacteria left in it. So, B-I-N-G-O, no need for silver in e-cloths®.

2) Silver Causes Confusion

I see plenty of comments on-line from happy Norwex customers, stating that they love the silver in their cloths because it sterilized their counter (or other surface) and they only have to wash their cloths once a month.

Yikes. Scary.

But now we know the facts, don’t we!

It’s important to know that:

  • Silver in your microfiber cloth does NOT sterilize surfaces or kill bacteria on surfaces
  • Having silver in your microfiber cloth does NOT mean that you don’t need to launder your cloths.

If you’re wondering how/when to launder your e-cloths (or Norwex), I posted some tips here.

3) Adding Silver Is an Unnecessary Strain on the Environment and Your Pocket Book

Silver. Hmmm, isn’t that something that has to be mined?


So there’s that. But there’s also the extra manufacturing processes required to get it into the cloths.  The cloths that don’t even need it.

And extra manufacturing means more strain on the environment and…

this is gonna hurt…

Money out of your pocket!

And now you know the rest of the story and hopefully, I’ve answered your question (do e-cloths have silver in them?).

If you have any questions about e-cloths or still aren’t convinced that you can live without silver, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment/question below.

Please do feel free to share this too.  Email it to a misguided friend or post it on your facebook page.

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