The e-cloth® Glass & Polishing cloth is an amazing thing. Just spray a little water on a surface and it will wipe it clean of dirt/grease/grime and streaks.

But sometimes, sometimes, you’ll wipe your window or mirror with it and you’ll notice streaks. Of if you look at the window/mirror from an angle (not straight on), you’ll see a haze on it.

And you’ll say: “Well Darn it! That just ain’t right! What the heck?

Note: I’m going to refer to the e-cloth Glass & Polishing cloth throughout this post, but if you’ve got a Norwex Window cloth, the same issues and tips apply.

3 Reasons why your e-cloth® Polishing Cloth (or Norwex Window cloth) is Leaving Streaks or Haze

  1. The surface is too dirty for that cloth: The Polishing cloth has very short fibers and is meant for light cleaning and polishing. It’s a bit of a “final touch” cloth. If you’re doing your once annual (or bi-annual ,or FIRST) cleaning of outside windows, they’re going to be dirty. Maybe VERY dirty. Clean them first with a General Purpose cloth. The plush fibers will easily pick up all the grime and trap it. Then follow up with the Polishing Cloth. The same holds true for very dirty mirrors (like if someone smeared toothpaste across them or if they’re covered with hair spray). The Polishing cloth can clean them but better to wipe them first with a General Purpose cloth. Or, if you’re lucky enough to have the e-cloth Window Pack, use the window cloth first instead of the General Purpose cloth.
  2. The cloth is dirty: It’s easy to forget to wash the Polishing cloth. We just use them for light cleaning and you can’t really see dirt on them but… they do get dirty. And you’ll know it when they start leaving streaks or haze on your mirrors/windows. You can lengthen the time between laundering by rinsing them in hot water and hanging to dry. You can add a bit of detergent or dish soap to the water, but make sure to rinse it all out. Why? See Reason #3, next.
  3. Soap or fabric softener is trapped in the cloth: first off, please don’t use fabric softener with any of your e-cloth or norwex products. It will coat the fibers and make them ineffective. Plus, it’ll make your Polishing cloth leave a haze on your mirror/windows. The same is true for soap if it is not all rinsed out. Use as little detergent in your wash as possible and if you’re using dish soap or detergent to rinse your polishing cloth with periodically, make sure to rinse it all out afterwards. If you accidentally get fabric softener on/in your e-cloth, don’t worry, it will wash out.

I just know some people are going to want to write to me with respect to reason #1 above and tell me that they use their e-cloth Polishing cloth or their Norwex Window cloth to clean very grimy, greasy, windows and they come out just fine. I KNOW! They’re powerful cloths. I’ve done tests to clean butter, lipstick, hairspray, mud, toothpaste, and honey, off of my mirrors. My point here is that they’re going to get dirty quicker that way and they don’t have the plush fibers that the General Purpose cloth has. So when they pick up dirt, it’s closer to the surface and the next time you use it, the dirt might be left behind in the form of streaks or haze.

Ooops! Reason Number 4 – residual cleanser buildup: if you’ve used a cleanser on your windows or mirrors in the past, you may find that your Polishing cloth leaves a streaky finish the first 1, 2 or 3 times you use it. That’s because the cloth is picking up some of the cleanser but leaving some behind. After a few uses, the cleanser will be all gone and you should have a streak-free window. You’ll also find the cloth glides across the surface more easily once the cleanser is gone too.

But My Polishing Cloth is STILL Leaving Streaks and Haze

OK. So you’ve heeded my advice above but your Polishing cloth is still leaving streaks or haze. It might be time to DEEP CLEAN your polishing cloth.

But before you do this, make sure the streaks/haze aren’t actually on the OTHER side of the window 😉

How Do I DEEP Clean My Polishing Cloth?

By DEEP Clean, I mean something a little more than a regular washing in your washing machine.

  • Put a big pot of water on the stove and bring it to a boil.
  • Add a bit of dish soap (a couple of drops will suffice – you don’t want to have bubbles overflowing the pot)
  • Throw your Polishing cloth in.
  • Boil for 10 minutes. Ensure you have plenty of water in there – you don’t want it to boil dry – e-cloths MELT!!!
  • Drain the water and fill the pot again
  • Boil again for 10 minutes with NO soap. You can skip this step and just rinse the cloth in your sink but boiling is better.
  • You can add 1/4 cup vinegar too but it’s not necessary. If you ever find any of your Norwex or e-cloths to be “crunchy” a bit of vinegar in the wash or deep clean will fix that.

If, after all this, you’re still having issues, contact me and I’ll see if I can help!