I’m soooooo crafty.  You can start callin’ me “Crafty Kate”.  That’s how crafty I am.


I like doing crafts but the ideas must come from elsewhere and everything must be completely…under…my… control!

So when I saw the cute little paper mache bowls on my new favourite blog “Happy Hooligans“, I just had to give it a try with my boys.

Remy quickly lost interest – he’s not keen on oozy stuff on his fingers – so I took his over and Zander and I made a bowl each over 2 days (i.e, did one layer of paper mache, let it dry, then next layer). Zander loved making the bowl.  He is King of all things messy and oozy.

We did the paper mache outside so I wouldn’t have to worry about messes and I had the wading pool ready for him to jump into afterwards. Perfect!

A few days later, we added the paint.  And obviously I wasn’t thinking straight because we used non-washable acrylic paints.

Have you read Robert Munsch’s Purple, Green and Yellow? There is a line in it that I reminded Zander of when I was explaining that we had to be careful with the paint: “super-indelible-never-come-off-till-you’re-dead-and-maybe-even-later colouring markers.

And he was so very, very careful.  And he put lovely little slashes of paints all over his bowl and it’s beautiful – just look at it (it’s the one on the left). Gorgeous, right?

DSC_0019But alas, as he took his smock off, he knocked the cover of the silver paint onto the floor. Some paint got on the floor.  Which is exactly when Remy walked into the room… and right through the bloody paint! And into the kitchen.


Did I clean it up right away?  No.

Why?  Who knows. Something pressing – like someone needing a bum wipe – must have come up and I kinda forgot about it.  “Kinda” forgot about it.  You can’t forget about something that’s staring you in the eye every time you walk into a room.

I’m lazy?  I procrastinate?

Then as the days/weeks went by, I just started thinking how difficult it was going to be to clean that up so I just left it – hoping that it would magically disappear.

Plan B was to scrape it off with my fingernail. But gosh-dang-it! That didn’t work.

But guess what DID work? My freaking kitchen e-cloth!

The boys are at the sitter’s today so as I very easily – and quickly – wiped up the old, dried, acrylic paint off the floor, I was able to use the “S” word out loud.

Well $hit“, I said. “That’s incredible“.

How easy did the Kitchen e-cloth pick up the paint?

  1. for the smudged paint, a gentle wipe was all that was needed. Less than 10 seconds of wiping to pick the paint up
  2. for thicker drops of paint, I used the scrubby on the cloth. Again, 10 seconds and it was gone

Would it have been easier to clean it up right away? Maybe.

But then you wouldn’t know how to clean the dried up acrylic paint on YOUR floors, would ya 😉 So go have some fun and don’t sweat the mess.  E-cloth will clean it for you.



What difficult or unusual cleaning “problem” has an e-cloth solved for you?


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