Hee, hee, hee. Like that title? I couldn’t help myself (sheepish giggle).

So, I’m walking around the neighbourhood this morning, enjoying some fresh air before the heat sinks in for the rest of the week. I (mother) have got Remy (baby) in the stroller and Foxy Roxy’s (dog) trotting along side us.

When all of a sudden this freakin’ cat runs up from behind us, jumps up onto Roxy’s rear end and lets out one of those cat shrieks and starts hissing at us.

WHAT the bleeeeeeeeeeeeep?!? Honestly, we didn’t see it coming and there was no provocation.

Then the #%&^ing cat (I’m really restraining myself from using some pretty foul language here, folks) jumps onto the stroller by Remy’s feet. I kick and hiss at it and it scratches the bejesus out of my ankle then arches it’s back and keeps hissing and jumping at us.

Poor Roxy’s so confused that her basic “chase mother-loving cats” instinct has gone into hibernation mode. Remy’s squealing with laughter and delight and I’m swearing and kicking at the GD cat that just won’t leave us alone.

I finally get rid of it and turn a few seconds later to (please imagine my incredulous voice here) see it STALKING us and getting ready to pounce again.

So I threw a bag of dog poo at it.

Just a reminder that stooping and scooping does occasionally pay off.