This morning I was cleaning out a dingy old corner of the house and came across my old friend, Mr. Swiffer. He was feeling neglected and was looking very dusty and grimy. Since switching to washable microfiber products (and my great e-cloth mop), I’ve had little use for him and the poor little guy has been resting unused for at least 2 years. So I thought “hey, lets give you a little action, buddy”.

I could do a whole comparison of the e-cloth mop versus Swiffer, but I’ll leave that for another day. Today, I’m going to focus on how to use e-cloths (or Norwex) as a reusable pad/cloth for your Swiffer Sweeper so that you can stop buying Swiffer refills and save yourself some money (and the environment).

How to Use e-cloth (or Norwex) Cloths on Your Swiffer

NOTE: I’m going to be referring to e-cloths mostly because the majority of the cloths in my house are e-cloth.  The Norwex Enviro cloth would also work.

I tried 4 different e-cloths on my Swiffer:

  1. e-cloth Dusting Cloth (sold as a 2-pack)
  2. e-cloth Dust Mop Pad
  3. e-cloth General Purpose cloth (Similar to Norwex Enviro cloth – see my comparison here)
  4. e-cloth Deep Clean Mop Pad

Each of these worked really well on the Swiffer. My only wish is that the Swiffer had a bit more sturdiness in the handle. Click on any of these pictures for a larger view.

How well Do e-cloths Fit/Work on the Swiffer:

  1. The Dusting e-cloth fit easily onto the Swiffer. I could tuck it into the little pockets easily and when one side was full, I just flipped it over and used the other. There is quite a bit of “wasted” cloth because so much of it overlaps the top. As you can see from the pictures, it’s great for picking up dirt, pet hair, and ripped up tissue that the 1 year old leaves around the house. Only use the Dusting e-cloth for “dry” (dusting) mopping. Think of it as an alternative to sweeping and/or vacuuming. Here is my review of the ecloth dusting cloths – if you would like more info on them.ecloth washable dusting microfiber cloth on swiffer - great for picking up pet hair
  2. The e-cloth washable Dust Mop Pad also fit onto the Swiffer. It didn’t go as easily into the little pockets but it wasn’t hard and I cleaned the floor in three rooms without it coming off. The Dust Mop Pad has a fluffier texture and longer fibers than the Dusting e-cloth so it gets into grooves better. Again, only use the Dust Mop Pad for “dry” mopping.
  3. The General Purpose e-cloth fit easily onto the Swiffer and as you can see, it picked up a lot of grime from my floor (I used is damp. You could also use it dry for “sweeping” but it won’t pick up dust and hair quite as well as the dusting cloth and/or mop pad described above). This was a brand new General Purpose cloth that I just pulled out of the box and it was VERY “grabby” on the floor. I had to put a little effort into mopping and I’m not sure the old Swiffer handle would last long under such pressure. It was bending a lot.  Another note: I’d probably use a darker colored e-cloth next time. ecloth General Purpose Microfiber cloth after cleaning floors
  4. The e-cloth Damp Mop Pad was the toughest one to get onto the Swiffer but it still fit. Because it’s a little thicker, I had to put a little effort into getting it into the pockets. But once in, it stayed in and cleaned my floors beautifully. It slid over the floors more easily than the damp General Purpose e-cloth – but maybe because it’s older (not to mention already quite dirty from mopping up grout on our new tile floor – time for a wash!). I was able to clean my floors with it but again, I wouldn’t want to put too much pressure on the Swiffer handle.

Do Norwex Cloths and Mop Pads Fit on the Swiffer?

Yes… and no.  The Norwex Enviro cloth will fit on, exactly like the e-cloth General Purpose.  Lots of overlap over the swiffer, but it will fit and do a great job of cleaning the floor. Can be used dry for dusting or damp for mopping.  I really struggled to get the Norwex mop pads onto my Swiffer.  The Norwex mop pads are much thicker (I think because of the backing they put on to them) than the e-cloth mop pads.  I was able to force the Norwex pads into the Swiffer cloth-holding-tabs, but they kept popping out.  Here is a comparison of the Norwex and e-cloth mops and pads if you’re interested.

In a Nutshell:

If you’ve already got a Swiffer and are looking for a high grade, washable and reusable (read: more GREEN) alternative to the disposable sheets, e-cloth offers a number of microfiber cloths and mop pads that will fit on it and clean your floors beautifully. The only drawback is that the Swiffer handle is a bit flimsy and I don’t think it will live up to any “hard” cleaning.

If you don’t already have a Swiffer, I’d spend the few extra bucks and invest in the e-cloth mop instead. The handle is far sturdier, the base is bigger (although I see Swiffer has a “Professional” version now which is closer in size), and you don’t waste parts of the mop pad by folding it over the top.

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