OK, so you’re in the kitchen finishing up the dishes and tidying things up after a meal or some cooking. If you’re like me, the very last thing you do is wipe the counter.

Regular old dish cloths are meant to be used in the sink, with a lot of water and some soap. When you wipe your counter with them, you’re spreading your breakfast/lunch/dinner all over your counter.

The e-cloth Kitchen Cloth is my “go to” counter wiper-upper.

Kate’s Top 5 Reasons for Using the e-cloth ® Kitchen Cloth to wipe the counter instead of the dish cloth:

5) the e-cloth kitchen cloth has a little non-scratch scrubby corner that is really good at scraping off dried up food bits. The scrubby corner is like a little pocket, lined with microfibre. So if you don’t need the scrubby bit, just flip it inside-out.

4) the e-cloth Kitchen Cloth is AMAZING at wiping up grease. Instead of spraying cleanser or soap on your counter and then having to wipe all that off, just dampen the e-cloth Kitchen Cloth and wipe. If you haven’t tried e-cloth products on grease spatter, you’re in for a very pleasant surprise.

3) the e-cloth Kitchen Cloth is super absorbent. If you’ve got a messy dish washer (kids or husband?) that splashes water around the sink, or if you’re dealing with spilled liquids, the e-cloth Kitchen Cloth will sop it up (actually it can absorb up to 7 times it’s weight in water!)

2) the e-cloth Kitchen Cloth picks up food bits and holds on to them. So instead of trying to “corral” the food bits, you just wipe them up. It’s way easier than with your dish cloth.

and… drum roll please. The number one reason why I use the e-cloth Kitchen Cloth instead of my dish cloth to wipe the counter is…. Are you ready for this?

1) the e-cloth Kitchen Cloth PICKS UP and TRAPS BACTERIA. In fact, it picks up over 99% of bacteria (and e-cloth has independent tests to prove it). And your kitchen, like it or not, is full of it. Your dish cloth does NOT pick up bacteria – it spreads it around.

The e-cloth Kitchen Cloth can be purchased on it’s own ($7.99US) or with the Kitchen Pack ($14.99US), which comes with a Glass & Polishing Cloth.

If you’ve got a polished counter (like Granite), you may want to consider the Kitchen Pack with the polishing cloth for a streak-free finish. The polishing cloth is also great for windows, mirrors, faucets, stovetops, anything SHINY!