Sometimes I suffer from blog-envy.  I read the blogs of others and see how neat and tidy and pretty they are with wonderfully framed images of food and kids and crafts. People smiling, with backgrounds of perfectly ordered and sparkling clean houses. Their house probably smells of fresh-baked cookies and there is twinkle music playing in the background.

And then I look at my blog – filled with foul language, talk of rectal explosions, and pictures of messes and dirty cleaning cloths. There isn’t much that’s “pretty” about my life – although my son tells me he likes my pretty pink sneakers (the first pink item I have ever owned and it was a difficult sale for the salesperson!)


And what gem do I bring you today? A pic of one of the walls in my kitchen.  Something had been rubbing against it and left this scuff mark.

Scuff mark on wall

Scuff mark on wall

I know, I know.  It doesn’t look like much.  Something I would typically say “not worth the effort, Kate” to.  But it’s been there for a couple of years and… well… it’s time.

My e-cloth alone was not enough to remove it.  I remembered a customer had emailed me some time ago to say that the Universal Stone had removed years of scuff marks on the baseboards and walls in her mudroom. So I got my almost empty jar out, along with my sadly discoloured sponge and gave it a try.

Could I have gotten out a fresh tub of Universal Stone and a brand new, WHITE sponge for the “photo shoot”?  Sure, but that would be so…staged, wouldn’t it?

I mean, come ON, look at that sponge.  It’s U-S-E-D (For those of you that haven’t seen the sponge before, it’s supposed to be white. Not orange).


My old e-cloth and Universal Stone sponge look old, but they still work like a dream!

How to clean scuff marks off walls with Universal Stone and e-cloth

  1. slightly dampen the sponge – I say “slightly” because if the sponge is dripping, you’re going to have a drippy, drooly mess on your wall
  2. work up a bit of lather with the sponge in the Universal Stone
  3. gently rub the scuff with the sponge
  4. wipe the wall with an ecloth (or norwex, or any other good cloth).  The Stone works great, but it leaves a lot of residue.  The better the cloth you use, the quicker you’ll get the residue off the wall

What the Heck is Universal Stone?

I’m so glad you asked! I wrote a little information about the Stone here (I just read that and see that I STILL haven’t done a proper review of it. Sorry ’bout dat).

How long does the Universal Stone Sponge Last?

I get this question a lot.  Look at mine.  It’s a slightly distasteful colour ( I can’t remember what caused that but it was something in particular that I was cleaning), but it’s still in perfect form.  It’s 2 years old and it’s the only one I have.  I use it a lot, all over the house – and even on my old truck to get rid of rust.

In case you’re wondering, this is what the sponge is supposed to look like.

universal stone

Universal Stone and a WHITE sponge

How Long does the Universal Stone Last?

Another frequent question.  It’s hard to say.  I’d say if you’re using it to clean everything in your house (sinks, stove, tub/shower, counters, silverware, stains in fabric, walls, etc.), you’d get 6 months out of it. Using it once a week in select areas is gonna get you a year.  These are obviously estimates.  It depends on how much you use it.  I can only tell you that it works well and a little goes a long, long way.