Well, I had high hopes for an outstanding post to celebrate? remorse? the end of Mark’s Parental Leave but time has slipped through my fingers and my brain is mushy.

We are amazingly fortunate to live in Canada where we get a full year of leave when a baby is born and even more fortunate that Dad can take up to 9 months of that time.

It’s been a wonderful 9 months. Because Mark was home, Zander got all the attention that a 2.5 year old needs and deserves when a new baby is born and Remy got all the attention that a newborn and growing baby needs.

But mostly, it’s been wonderful because I got all the help that I needed. I freely admit that while I can hold my own in a meeting full of grumpy male developers, engineers and construction workers I struggle with being alone with 2 small kids.

So hats off to Mark (he’s going to kill me for posting pictures of him here), who went back to the office today after 9 months of:

    • changing, washing and hanging diapers
    • making better meals than I ever do
    • roughhousing, rocking and soothing
    • potty training
    • getting up in the night (Super Dad!)
    • swimming, tumbling, singing and playing
    • bike rides
    • renovating
    • cleaning
    • grocery shopping
    • dog walking
    • I better stop before people start wondering what I was doing while Mark did all this…

Thanks for all your help Mark. You ARE Super Dad to me.

winter fun

winter fun