Spring officially sprung here the day before yesterday.  The sun came out and Mama Nature turned up the heat (to 9 C) after… what was it, anyway?… 15 months of winter?

The kids were so excited that they ran out to play. Not in the entire yard.  Just in the 8 square foot area where the snow and ice had fully melted and a the grass could be seen.

And this is what happened (note that this picture was taken the following day, after some clean up and after the puddle had drained into the ground, but you get the idea)…

muddy mess in yardThey created a mud puddle and:

  • rolled around in it
  • shoveled the mud and threw it into the slide and then slid down the slide
  • moved every toy and plaything that wasn’t still frozen into the ground into the mud

They got so much mud on them that it soaked through their snow suits and onto their cloths.

Then they wanted to go inside.

I stayed out to “regroup” for a few minutes and sent them in one at a time for my husband to undress and rush up to the bath.

Any idea what happens when you hurriedly take winter outer wear off a kid soaked through with mud?


Do you take a picture of this to show your devoted fans?  No, you don’t think of $hit like that.  All you think of is: Get your bloody e-cloth out and start wiping the walls, ceiling, door and windows pronto!

And then you thank your e-cloth. Because you didn’t need a bucket or any soap –  just a damp cloth – and you were done in less than 3 minutes.

And then you go out to tidy things up a bit in the yard and almost – yes, ALMOST – step in this:

springtime doggie poopYup, that’s a nasty old springtime-melted-doggie-poopsicle that’s trying to hide under a leaf.  Anyone with a dog can attest to the nastiness of the springtime  poop that peaks its smushy (or is it “smooshy”? or is that even a word?  If it’s not, it SHOULD be, because it perfectly describes the texture of springtime melted dog poop) head up after days/weeks/months of being covered by snow. Next to impossible to pick up cleanly and utterly revolting.

Nice try Mr. Smushy Poop, but my springtime-poopy-senses are on HIGH ALERT and it’ll take more than a little leafy camouflage to get me, my friend.

mud outside my back doorBut I still have a mess on my boots because look at the freaking mud I have to walk through to get to my back door. Enough to warrant a bulldozer for crying out loud!

And that’s when I thank the powers that be (or the ingenious inventor) for my e-cloth mop!

If you want to know how easy it is to clean muddy footprints (human, dog or unidentified) with the e-cloth mop, drop me a comment below. I’d love to tell you!