If my husband catches wind of this, it’s gonna ruin everything…

I don’t like showering when the kids are home because I don’t get any privacy, and if I DO get privacy, I’m in for it because it means the boys are into something. Or fighting.

I don’t like showering when the kids are NOT home because that’s just a waste of my “alone” time.

I don’t like showering at night because… I don’t know why. I just don’t. Although, sadly this is when it most frequently gets done.

kates-psycho-shower-routineI DO like showering when my husband is home during the day, which is not often.

I say something like: “Bird (yes, I call him Bird) I’m just gonna nip upstairs and take a shower – back in 10 minutes“. And I chuckle to myself.

Then I race upstairs before he can say anything, start the shower, and grab an e-cloth. Because I ALWAYS shower with an e-cloth.

Ewww, that sounds kinky somehow.  Don’t worry, nothing kinky going on ’round here.

I’m not talking about the hand and face cloths (although they’re wonderful!).  I’m talking about an e-cloth cleaning cloth.

I know, I know, you’re asking something like: “Um, Kate… Pardon me, but what have you been smoking?

Well, let me tell you. I do it because it gains me extra minutes of highly coveted alone time. 

Yes, ALONE TIME!!!!!! Fellow mamas of young kids, you read that correctly. Let’s spell that out. A…L…O…N…E…TIME!

It feels good just typing that.



Another sigh.

Sorry, I was daydreaming there. Where was I? Oh yeah…

When I’m done actually showering, I keep the water running and use the e-cloth (usually the bathroom e-cloth or the Cleaning Pad ) to clean the entire tub – walls, tub, grout, fixtures and all.

You can’t do THAT with spray cleansers! Well, I guess technically you could but… Yikes! Danger! Coat yourself with chemicals much?

This is the one cleaning job that I milk every freaking minute that I can out of and I thank you for not spreading the word to The Bird Man!

Wondering which cloths are best for bathroom cleaning? See my Bathroom Roundup post.

If you would like to know my e-cloth picks for ANY cleaning job, feel free to ask me in a comment.  I love to help!