End of an Era for eclothusa.com

Due to some marketing and branding changes at e-cloth, I am no longer able to operate my independent website, eclothusa.com. This is sad news for me because I really enjoyed tinkering on the website and communicating directly with customers to help solve problems.

I’ve been promoting – and using- ecloth® products for 7 years. I’ve strived to provide the best customer service and down-to-earth, real-world, advice and tips that I could.  THAT WON’T CHANGE.

Only where you will find me will change.

From today onward, I’ll be promoting – and providing my honest reviews of e-cloth here, on my blog.  If you’ve got e-cloth questions, I’ve likely got the answers here on my blog.  If I don’t, just ask and I’ll answer!

Aside: For some reason, the image at the top keeps cropping my husband’s head off. I’ve been trying for an hour to fix it with no luck so I’m just going to post a mini version of it here.

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