A couple of years ago, someone had the bright idea to… wait for it… DISCONTINUE THE DUST PAD for the deep clean mop!

I was outraged! I mean, that thing is magic. AND after the General Purpose cloth, it was my most-recommended e-cloth product.  They stinking discontinued it.  I was so distraught, confused and angry, that I didn’t even post about it on my blog (that would have been one very harsh and blunt post). I just couldn’t comprehend the reasoning.

But now, after a couple of years of me pestering the powers that be – and getting customers to do the same.

The Dust Pad is Back! 

This is seriously good news, folks.  I’ve got a couple of blog posts here and here about how it compares to the Norwex pad, how much I love it and how I couldn’t live without it.  Check them out. And if you have questions, fire them off to me.  I’m happy to answer!

My Post-15

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In OTHER BIG NEWS, our annual Fall 2 for 1 Sale is on.  2 amazing cloths for $7.99.

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