A couple of years ago, someone had the bright idea to… wait for it… DISCONTINUE THE DUST PAD for the deep clean mop!

I was outraged! I mean, that thing is magic. AND after the General Purpose cloth, it was my most-recommended e-cloth product.  They stinking discontinued it.  I was so distraught, confused and angry, that I didn’t even post about it on my blog (that would have been one very harsh and blunt post). I just couldn’t comprehend the reasoning.

But now, after a couple of years of me pestering the powers that be – and getting customers to do the same.

The Dust Pad is Back! 

This is seriously good news, folks.  I’ve got a couple of blog posts here and here about how it compares to the Norwex pad, how much I love it and how I couldn’t live without it.  Check them out. And if you have questions, fire them off to me.  I’m happy to answer!

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  1. Nana Donna 2 6

    I was actually thinking of the same idea. But I don’t want to ruin my new mini mop. 😉 I have an old Swiffer, so I might try using that first. The only problem is we pretty much permanently shortened it for the grandkids to use when they’re here and want to “help”. I’m thinking tho that if I put the ends up, I’ll lose the benefit of getting under things like my kitchen table pedestal area. The mini mop works great for me with those kinds of areas. Did you ever hear back (like in 2012 I think) from the person who was going to try her Swiffer with the push-button liquid spray release head? I had one of those…but it’s not always easy to get under tight spaces like you can with the mini mop, so I just use water in a spray bottle and spray the area as I go along if I’m spot cleaning and don’t need to wet the entire mop cloth. The general purpose e-cloth also works great for this.

    • CleanUpKate

      No, I never did hear back from her 🙁

  2. Nana Donna 2 6

    Is this available for the mini mop head? Or can this one be used on the mini mop?

    • Cleaninup Kate

      Hi Nana Donna 2 6 – we do not have a dust pad for the mini mop. The regular one will attach onto the mini mop but… you’ll have extra mop pad flopping around.

        • Nana Donna 2 6

          Another question… Have you found a clever way to fold up the ends of the dust pad while it’s on the mini mop to reach smaller areas? I’m loving my mini mop! It’s perfect for my small bathroom and kitchen and for around the floor rugs with a small “border” of flooring. I used to use a Swiffer, but I found the handle to be flimsy, in my opinion, and it didn’t really pick up dust and dog hair all that well. I’ve been doing what you suggested with the e-cloth dust cloths and using them on my Swiffer. Do you think e-cloth will come out with a dust pad specifically for the mini mop head? In the meantime, I’m going to look into the regular dust pad for the mini mop head.

          • Cleaninup Kate

            Nana Donna 2 6: I actually don’t have a mini-mop so don’t have a tested clever response. You could get a few of those velcro tabs from the dollar store and hot-glue them on to the top of the mini mop base. That “might” work.


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