Well, we’ve finally got some warm weather here and I’m taking advantage of it to let the Little Man run free range. I’m hoping to have him (mostly) potty trained by the time kiddo #2 arrives next month.

So we’ve had a few accidents. No problem. Mostly pee and primarily, I think, because he didn’t really care. But today he was in underwear and things began to click.

This morning I hear “Mom, pee” – now first, for those of you who don’t know, the Little Man is a late talker. By that, I mean he’s two and a half with a limited number of words and NEVER puts 2 words together. So this “Mom, pee” statement almost made me cry. I run over with the potty – but too late. But who cares, right? 2 words together AND telling me he’s got to go. It’s party time (No “it’s Potty Time” jokes, please).

The rest of the day goes pretty well. Lots of pee in the potty. Lots of poo in the potty. Lots of telling me he has to pee. But then things changed around 4 pm.

Cue daunting doomsday music

Talking on the phone with a friend outside. Little Man lets me know he has to go. But we’re outside, so I just take his undies off and then don’t pay much attention. Until I see our dog go over and eat a turd.

Hmmm. Well, at least Little Man told me. And and least he didn’t bend over and let the dog lick the remnants from his bum – which has (disgustingly) happened before.

No kisses from/for Roxy tonight.

Then we go inside and I start getting supper ready. Merrily chopping in the kitchen, I hear Little Man playing with his blocks and laughing. He’s happy. I let him be. Mistake.

Go to get him for dinner and see that his potty has pee in it, along with a smooshed poo and a couple of blocks. Argh! Clean the blocks. Wipe his bum. Congratulate him for doing it on the potty but suggest that blocks may be better to play with AWAY from the potty. Then I turn around and see blocks on our recliner. And they’re wet. And the recliner is wet. And poopy. Thank God it’s leather.

Dinner’s ready, but I clean the recliner, empty the sink of the dirty dishes, and wash the blocks. Put them in a strainer outside to dry. Put the potty near the toilet to dump but leave it, thinking we’re OK for a while. Mistake.

Get back to the kitchen and Little Man says “Mom, pee” while he sits in the cardboard bucket for the blocks and… you guessed it… pees.