Norwex Toilet Cleaner Everything is good except the brush

Oh Sanira, you clean so well and smell so sweet, but your brush is definitely not “all that”.

Norwex Sanira Toilet Cleaning System - Environmentally friendly Green Cleaning SystemIf not for the brush, the Norwex Toilet Cleaner (Sanira System)would get 4 stars. (I only give 5 stars if I’m BLOWN AWAY – see my oven cleaner review)

I really should review the Norwex toilet cleanser and the Norwex toilet brush separately because the cleanser is great, but the brush is definitely in need of an engineer’s touch.


  1. The Norwex cleaning solution is great!  It has a fresh, mild scent and cleans really well!  It’s not poisonous or corrosive and it breaks down within 48 hours (compared to 30 days for most commercial solutions).
  2. The Norwex dispensing system is a great idea.  With a 4-second push, the system dispenses all that you need and the solution will last up to a year if used once per week.
  3. With so many innovative ideas, the Norwex toilet brush is severely lacking.
For some reason, the Norwex toilet cleaner, comprised of the toilet brush, toilet cleaning solution and the solution dispenser is called the “Sanira System“. So don’t get confused if I refer Sanira instead of Norwex below.


  • Both the Norwex toilet brush and cleaning solution are produced from environmentally friendly raw materials
  • Highly biodegradable toilet cleaning solution is not poisonous or corrosive and safe for use with septic systems.
  • The toilet brush bristles are designed to shed water and discourage bacteria growth as well as using the cleaning solution more effectively
  • The Norwex Sanira Toilet System dispenses the correct amount of cleanser to the toilet brush when you push and hold for 4 seconds.  You may be tempted to hold the brush down longer to dispense more cleaner because the 3-4 ml dispensed with a quick push doesn’t look like enough (especially compared to the 20-30 ml your probably used to using with your commercial cleanser) but believe me, you don’t need more.
  • The toilet disinfectant breaks down within 48 hours where other solutions break down in 30 days!
  • One Sanira (toilet cleansing solution) refill lasts about a year if you clean your toilet once a week.
  • The Sanira solution dispenser can be recycled or incinerated
  • Refills are available for $15.99 so you only have to buy the whole system once – or you could forget about the “system”, just buy a refill and use it with your old brush
  • The Sanira toilet cleaning solution dispenser can be taken right out and squirted under the toilet rim for full strength power cleaning.
  • The Sanira solution can be diluted 3 parts water to 1 part Sanira to disinfect and remove mildew.


  1. Push down on the toilet brush handle and count 4 seconds
  2. Scrub the toilet bowl (you can use it on the outside too if you’ve got any “sprayers”)
  3. Let sit for 10 minutes before flushing
  4. For an extra cleaning (we have a new toilet so I haven’t had to do this), remove the solution refill pack from the dispenser (don’t worry, the brush never touches it so you don’t have to worry about the “ickies”) and squirt it right under the toilet rim.  Leave for a few minutes then scrub.


norwex sanira toilet cleaner refill

Sanira refill – $15.99CAD

A diluted toilet cleanser mixture is great for tiled flooring and walls around toilets (especially if there are any poor aimers or splashers in the house).  It’s also ideal for removing mildew on tiles in showers and around tubs.  Cleaning toys, cutting boards, counter tops, etc., etc., etc…

  1. Remove the solution refill pack from the dispenser and mix 3 parts water and 1 part Sanira solution.
  2. Apply to area needing disinfecting and let sit for 10 minutes
  3. Wipe or rinse


  • the Norwex Toilet Cleaner (Sanira System) works
  • it’s biodegradable and not poisonous
  • it lasts a long time
  • the Sanira toilet cleaning solution refill pack is removable and never touches the toilet brush, so you can take it out and squirt it on tough stains in the toilet bowl or dilute it with water (3 parts water to 1 part Sanira) to disinfect or remove mold
  • it has a very mild scent – not what you usually associate with toilet cleaning
  • if you’re wary about the brush that comes with this system, you can just buy a “refill” of the Sanira solution and use it with your old brush.


  • the Norwex Toilet brush – it doesn’t harbour bacteria and it has nice bristles, but I find it hard to actually get the bristles in contact with my toilet bowl other than right under the rim and in the hole at the bottom.  There are no bristles at the top or bottom – only on the sides – and the handle is almost rigid so you can’t bend it to get the bristles in contact with the bowl.  This brush would be much more effective if there were bristles on the bottom or if the handle had a little more “give”. Now, we have a nifty toilet with an elongated, shallow sloped bowl.  Perhaps it would be more effective on a more traditional shaped bowl.  Comments anyone?
  • UPDATE: my husband finally installed our new toilet downstairs. It’s a regular, rounded bowl and the Norwex toilet brush is absolutely useless in it. It’s OK on the rim but it’s next to impossible to get any of the bristles actually scrubbing the rest of the bowl.