Kates Norwex 1 Star Rating for the Netted Dish Cloth

IN A NUTSHELL: Norwex sells a lot of great products (see my 5 Star Norwex Reviews), but this ain’t one of them. I hate this cloth. I hate the size of it. I hate the way it feels in my hand. Mostly I hate how useless it is. And $6.99 is a lot to pay for a useless piece of mesh fabric with finished edges.

norwex netted dish cloth review

Sure, you can use it in your sink to clean your dishes (and it’s actually pretty good for cleaning up gooey baked cheesy messes) but God forbid you splash a bit of water on to the counter and try to wipe it up with this cloth.

The holes in this cloth are just small enough to allow for the miracle of surface tension. So when you lift the cloth out of the sink and wring it out, water clings in the holes and falls out the second you touch your counter with it. Not to mention the fact that this cloth is incapable of absorbing anything so if you did spill a bit of water, this cloth won’t pick it up. It’ll just smear it around.

I’ve got a small kitchen with limited storage space so the thought of needing a second dish cloth  to wipe up bits of splash-over from the sink really irks me.

I’m giving this cloth 1 star because as Norwex claims, it does dry quickly, it does wipe up flour and other gooey messes well, and the goop rinses out relatively easily (although not as easily as I had expected or hoped). I suspect this might work well in my camping kit, so unless someone in the Cambridge area wants to come and take mine off my hands, that’s where it’ll end up.

As a Norwex Consultant (update: March 2012 – I am no longer a consultant), I obviously don’t want to shoot myself in the foot and put you off of Norwex. As I mentioned above, Norwex has a lot of great products – especially the Enviro Cloths, which are amazing – this just isn’t one of them. If you’re looking for a good dish cloth, my friend Stella put me on to the Natura Wonder Cloth available at Home Hardware in Canada (sorry folks, I don’t know where you can pick them up in the USA – leave me a comment if you know). They’re about $2.99 and made of wood fibers so they’re naturally antibacterial and won’t get stinky. They last about 2-3 months.