Norwex baby wash cloths get 4 startsIn a Nutshell: No cloth is better for wiping small hands and faces after meals. Like the title says, these are indispensable if you’ve got small kids.



I’ve been using the same 6 Norwex baby wash cloths for 3 years to wipe my boys’ hands and faces after (and during) meals. These 6 cloths look horrendous: most definitely not pink, blue or yellow anymore. More brown. And they don’t feel so great anymore either.

But you know I’m an affiliate for e-cloth® products, right? So it’s mentally challenging for me to fork out any cash on Norwex products. But I neeeeeeed the Norwex baby wash cloths and mine are sooooo horrid looking.

Norwex baby body packBut hey, hey, HEY! Yesterday was my lucky day. I was cleaning out an old storage basket and came across a brand new pack of the wash cloths that I’d gotten back when I was a Norwex Consultant.

Hard to imagine anyone getting overly excited about finding a hidden wash cloth, but I actually snapped my fingers and said “bad word, Yeah!


I had a great picture of my old Baby Wash Cloths beside the new ones so that you could see how horrid my old ones looked. I snapped the pic and then threw the 6 nasty ones in the garbage. And then somehow my pics got deleted. So I can’t show you just how nasty the old ones looked. You’ll have to take my word for it and try to understand how hard it was for me to throw the nasty ones away.

How Much Does Kate Like These Cloths?

Well… I like these particular Norwex cloths so much that I recommend them to anyone with young kids, even though I’m an affiliate for e-cloth® products. How’s that?


I’m not exaggerating when I say I use these cloths at least 20 times per day. They get used during and after EVERY meal and snack. Here’s why:

  • they wipe up and hold onto food better than a cotton cloth. Food like pasta sauce, pasta, cereal, milk, yogurt, squished fruit and berries, broccoli bits, gravy, oatmeal, peanut butter, jam, avocado… Did I miss anything? Clumpy or squishy, these cloths grab it. Do the messes on these faces look familiar to anyone?
  • they wipe food out of hair, ears, eyes, hands, between fingers, under neck fat, between toes, armpits, and up noses. The messes just come right off and into the cloth. No smearing, just wiping.
  • they easily wipe grease off hands and face without soap. Perfect if your little Tooter has been eating anything buttery. WONDERFUL to put in your preschooler’s lap if they’re eating buttery popcorn on the couch while watching a movie so they can wipe their own hands and save your couch.
  • they’re soft and gentle – but be careful if you’re new to them because the microfiber can be very drying on skin so maybe limit use in the beginning to make sure you’re not drying little faces out too much
  • they’re great for taking to restaurants. You can use them to wipe hands before and after meals and since they clean up faces so well, you’ll only need the one. If you’ve taken a messy eater to a restaurant, you’ll appreciate why this is important.
  • they’re the right size. I often use any of my e-cloths to wipe up hands and faces if the baby wash cloths are in the laundry but I find them too big. The baby wash cloths are small enough that you’re not fumbling with extra fabric while you wipe kiddos up but large enough to get the job done
  • they’re incredibly absorbent so you can use them to wipe up spilled drinks too
  • they come in a 3 pack. 3 is never enough but it’s better than 1, for sure.
  • I’m sure they’re wonderful at bath time but mine have never made it past the kitchen/dining room.


  • The colors. Sure, they look wonderful when they’re new but say bye-bye to the pretty colors after the first food wipe-up. Baby food STAINS! If you’re using them after meals like I do, even if you boil them regularly, they won’t look “pretty” for long.
  • They can dry out skin. Microfiber sucks the moisture out of skin so go easy with the cloths the first few times you use them. A couple of times over the past 3 years, I’ve noticed dry spots on my sons’ cheeks. So I stopped using the baby cloths for a day or two. It was a hard 2 days – it’s hard to go back to a cotton cloth once you’ve used microfiber.

As I mentioned above, I no longer sell Norwex Products but my pal, Deja Peterson can hook you up with some of these cloths if you’re interested.

If you’re looking for high quality microfiber cloths to clean your house with, check out!