Stop thinking and just buy one! You'll love it!



This cloth is amazing! It picks up grease like nobody’s business and will clean your icky oven, sticky stove top, caked high chair, microwave explosions, grease-splattered cupboards and dried up dog drool with ease! Stop buying paper towel and invest in one of these instead.


Disclaimer:  if you are vegetarian or a non-bacon eater, I apologize for the following… but you’ll still LOVE this cloth, so just skip to the next section below

I cooked bacon the other day.  Oh sweet, savory, salty bacon, how I love thee!

Had to pause there a minute.  I haven’t eaten lunch yet today and the thought of bacon had me daydreaming.

So I cooked the pack of bacon in batches of 6 slices and drained the fat into a bowl in between batches.  I have a little gravy spoon that I use to scoop the liquid fat out into the bowl.  As the bacon fries, the spoon rests in the bowl.  Well of course that’s an accident waiting to happen.

During batch number three, the spatula hit the spoon and the bowl tipped and about a quarter cup of grease spilled onto the stove top.

Enter the Norwex All Purpose Kitchen Cloth.

all purpose kitchen cloth picks up grease and cleans your oven and kitchen in minutes

The super-duper-grease-picker-upper and oven-cleaning-star!

The official Norwex catalogue says to use it only with water and that it’s great for cleaning up grease so I thought I’d put it to the test.  I wet the cloth and wiped my stove top.


I’m serious.  With the single wipe of the wet cloth, I cleaned the grease and the stove top was squeaky clean. My old-fashioned method would have been to use 3 or 4 paper towels then a soapy cloth.

Yay, I cleaned my stove AND saved the environment (well, small steps, right?).

This called for a celebration.  A baconation.  Several pieces quickly devoured.


  • it cleans the inside of your microwave – I cleaned dried up lasagna explosion from the inside of my microwave with only the damp cloth in less than a minute.
  • it cleans sticky gunked-up high chairs – the all purpose kitchen cloth picks up any loose pieces of food and is a bit more “scrubby” than the enviro cloth so it’s better at wiping up dried up mushy food like sweet potato and banana. The waffle weave makes it easy to shake food bits out.
  • it’s an oven cleaning MIRACLE – used with the Norwex Oven Cleaner (another 5-star product – see my review) I wiped my very dirty oven clean in less than 8 minutes! NO paper towels were needed – I simply wet the all purpose kitchen cloth and wiped.  The dark color hides the dirt and after a washing, my cloth looks like new.
  • it’s my new favourite bike cleaner – with only water, I can get all the mud and grime off no-problemo (and again, the dark colour hides the stains)
  • it’s great at cleaning up grease splatter from walls and cupboards


  • the All Purpose Kitchen Cloth is microfiber with a waffle weave with no “plushness”.  It dries more quickly, has a more scrubby texture (but is not at all abrasive) and in my opinion is far better at picking up grease than the enviro cloth.  It hides stains and that’s why I use it for my grimier jobs.
  • The All Purpose Kitchen Cloth does NOT contain the antibac silver agent and doesn’t pick up bacteria as effectively as the Enviro cloth so for some items, like high chairs and counters, I usually give a final wipe with my Enviro cloth.


  • it is amazing at picking up grease
  • only water is needed
  • it is great for wiping up food bits and flour – the waffle weave picks up stuff but allows you to shake it off easily
  • it’s very absorbent and soaks up a lot
  • you can use it instead of paper towel to sop up spills or clean messes
  • the dark colour hides stains so you can clean your worst messes (including the inside of your oven) without worrying about “ruining” your cloth
  • 60 day satisfaction guarantee and 2 year warranty


  • it’s not antibac so it may start to smell more quickly than the Enviro cloth.