I thought I had the perfect activity for New Year’s Day: take the kids out to the woods, tow them in the sled the 1.5 km along the trail from the road to the BEST hill in the woods, and spend an hour sliding.

mom pulling sled


Well, it all went to shit before we even left.

Here are 10 factors that turn a fun activity into a bust:

  1. mom is tired and a bit grumpy
  2. 4 year old starts crying as soon as mom mentions sliding
  3. husband hints that he “doesn’t really want to go but he will if wife wants him to
  4. 4 year old continues to cry throughout process of getting snowsuit forced on
  5. 4 year old screams with anger when he realizes he has to share the sled with his brother while we pull them along the trail
  6. 1 year old decides he doesn’t like being pulled in the sled and rolls out, face-first, onto the gravel parking lot. Screaming.
  7. 1 year old refuses to be carried and MUST walk – fine but have you ever walked a long distance with a 1 year old? Darkness was creeping up on us.
  8. 4 year old becomes angry because he wants Dad to pull the sled, NOT Mom.
  9. 4 year old continues to protest that he does not want to go sliding so Mom and Dad stop at a closer (and boring) hill
  10. Determined to have fun, Mom pulls 4 year old up the hill. 4 year old crying and angry. Mom sits in the back of the sled, 4 year old in front. Mom whooping it up, 4 year old crying. Sliding down the hill, getting faster then… SPLAT! We hit a tiny, tiny stump, that stopped the sled dead and 4 year old ejected face first at full speed onto path. Blood, tears, angst.

I made a few resolutions this New Year, one of which will be to stay at home with a drink next New Year’s Day. Another is to hug my kids and my husband more.