Warning: This is not a formal review – my Flexi-Edge Floor & Wall Duster just arrived in the mail yesterday and I wanted to give you a few of my first impressions since it’s a new product. I’ll write up a REAL review in a few weeks after I’ve had time to test it out on everything and put it through the wash several times.

Kate’s First Impressions of the Flexi-Edge Floor & Wall Duster

  1. The dusting pad is VERY fluffy.  The fibres are about 1.5 inches long and look like vermicelli or angel hair pasta. The fibres are much longer than those on the dusting pad for the Deep Clean Mop (see the pic on the right below).  But like the Deep Clean dusting pad, the fibres are 100% polyester for maximum dust attraction!
  2. The fibres wrap around to the back side of the pad which is fantastic for dusting the top of door and window frames and into the corners way up there on the ceiling.  fibers wrap around to the back side of the flexi dust mop
  3. The handle is telescopic (adjusting from 3′-5′), very light so it’s not tiring to dust high areas like the ceiling, strong and rigid so it won’t bend or sway on you at key moments, and easily attaches to the base by screwing in.
  4. The mop pad is easily attached and held firmly in place by slipping the pockets over the base. Removal is equally easy and the pad can be laundered like all e-cloth products (but it can NOT be placed in the dryer).
  5. The first time I pushed the mop up against the baseboard, the mop head needed a little coaxing with my toe to bend upward but after that it was easy as pie. I only mention this because if the you dust your ceiling/crown molding the first time you use this duster, you may want to bend the base slightly with your hand before starting.fibers wrap around to the back side of the flexi dust mop


  1. Light-weight yet very sturdy
  2. Very effective duster. Check out the dirt, dust, bits and dog hair that this picked up and held onto!fibers wrap around to the back side of the flexi dust mop
  3. Long fibres get into cracks in floor, along baseboards and trim.  The fibres are also long enough to reach into the grooves of grout between floor tiles – something I felt the dust pad on the Deep Clean Mop was lacking.
  4. It can be brushed off pretty well and used again before laundering. I used a rubber brush to brush mine off and got rid of most of the hair and bits.  You can see there is still some trapped in there though.  That will come out in the wash. Oh, and Roxy just HAD to get in on the show.
  5. The base swivels in every-which direction so it easily goes into and around corners.


  1. I so, so, sooooo wish that this pad would fit onto the Deep Clean Mop handle/base.  Don’t get me wrong, this is a great product, but the last thing I need is another mop handle to try to find storage for.
  2. My house is 140+ years old and has high baseboards. The flexible edge on this mop is far too to reach up my baseboards, although it is very effective at cleaning along the bottom edge.  I expect it will be fine in newer homes with shorter boards. Sadly, you can see the dust at the top of my baseboards in this picture.  Lets blame that on the construction out on my road and not on my shoddy housekeeping, shall we? fibers wrap around to the back side of the flexi dust mop
  3. This is minor but I noticed that after you use the flexi-edge, the edges stay bent up a bit.  You can bend them back easily and as I said, this is minor, but it bugged me a bit.DSC_0009
  4. Unlike most e-cloth products, this dust pad canNOT be dried in the dryer.  Hang to dry instead.
  5. This is NOT going to be economical for orders outside of the US.  The box is 35 inches long and shipping cost $30US to get to me in Ontario, Canada. Sorry, eh.Flexi-edge dusting mop

As always, if you have questions about this – or any other e-cloth product – please feel free to add your question to the comments below.

For more information – or to purchase – the Flexi-Edge Floor & Wall Duster, visit ecloth.com