Look what I got in the mail today! My new e-cloth® Cleaning and Dusting Wand. I’ll save my review for after I’ve really put it to the test but I did give it a trial run in a few tricky spots today.

Please ignore all the background dust in the pictures. You know my house is 140 yrs old right? Dust and I have come to an understanding. Kind of a Tony Soprano understanding: it falls and builds up everywhere and I force myself to smile at it and then look the other way.

In any case, I got my new Dusting Wand today and just had to try it out. It’s stiffer than I expected so it takes a bit to bend it into the right position but there is no denying that it picks up dust. I only tried it dry today.

(to be honest, I actually got the wand a couple of weeks ago. But I started this post that day and then forgot about it. I’m still testing it out so proper review to come.)

Click on any image for a larger view. For more information, visit eclothusa.com