I’m going to keep this short.

1) Lack of manners – If you ask me for information or advice and I take the time to send you a personalized email message – it sure would be nice if you’d acknowledge it. Even if you just send an email saying “Got the info. Thanks.” or “Got the info. Totally useless, but thanks for trying.

2) Sneaky  Norwex consultants (I’m picking on Norwex here only because this happens a LOT and I’ve had 4 such “comments” in the past 2 weeks) – It irks me to no end when you ask loaded questions like “Gee, I think Norwex is really great. What’s you’re favourite Norwex product, Kate?” and don’t reveal that you’re a Norwex consultant. Obviously you’re looking for me to take the time to write a raving review. I’ve got lots of raving Norwex reviews here. But I’ve also got 2 small kids and my time is precious. If you’re looking to add Norwex content to the web, why not start your own blog. Or at least add a thoughtful, informative comment to mine.

I should add that I also get lots of NICE and informative comments from Norwex consultants and I do appreciate them.

3) People who tell me how to write my blog – I can’t really call this a pet peeve because I usually get a good chuckle out of it. It still irks me though. Why would someone take the time to tell me what to write? Why not just write their own stinking blog?

Oh it feels so good to have gotten that out in the open. Thanks!