Zander has been going to a day camp for a couple of hours each morning this week. They gave us the schedule some time ago, but it wasn’t until late in the day yesterday that I noticed that today was going to be “Super Hero Day” and he was supposed to dress up.


2 problems:

  1. Zander (thankfully) has no idea what a super hero is and
  2. We don’t have anything even remotely super hero-ish in our house

But being the stressed out mom that I am, I HAD to get him something so he wouldn’t be left out. So after the kids went to bed last night – and after a glass of wine – I pulled out my $50 sewing machine (that’s the NEW price, not used, so you can imagine the quality) and my big bag of scrap fabric.

Unfortunately, most of my fabric consists of cut up old sweaters that are waiting to be converted into super soakers. Obviously not super hero cape material! (ooo, good one, Kate. “Material”… get it?)

I did manage to find a few suitable pieces.

And thanks to my innate internet searching powers, super-human sewing skills, and furious drive to not be outdone, I managed to whip up something “special” in about an hour.

easy super hero cape - action shot
A little bit Elvis. A little bit Liberace. A little bit Super.

So, how did I do it?

  1. I used the shape suggestion from this site. Thanks Lara! Note that I didn’t have anywhere near 2 yards of fabric so mine is not lined.
  2. I used the selvedge edge along the bottom of the cape so I wouldn’t have to hem it.
  3. Because I was in a hurry, I didn’t finish the sides. Instead, I folded a piece of starry fabric over each side and zig-zag stitched it on so there are no edges that will fray.
  4. Because I don’t have a surger, I ziz-zag stitched along the neckline
  5. I sewed velcro onto the neck
  6. I traced a bowl for the red circle and – you guessed it – zig-zag stitched it onto the cape.
  7. I used a piece of white felt for the Z and glued it on. I tried sewing it on but my machine crapped out (it does that after about an hour of use for some reason). I knew this was going to be a problem because Zander is a picker. Sure enough, at the end of “camp”, the Z was off. Easy to fix, though.
I had to smile when we arrived at camp and EVERY kid had on a homemade cape. Not a single store-bought one there. One was just a piece of material safety pinned to the kids t-shirt. Brilliant!
easy super hero cape - action shot 2easy super hero cape - action shot 3