Kate’s Power Pack (with bonus sprayer)

Hidden away, in the deepest, darkest corner of the e-cloth website, is the best kept secret in the e-cloth world. At the very bottom of the “Value Packs” page, you’ll find the Limited Edition – 3 pc Set.  

Don’t let the boring name of this set turn you off. I refer to it as Kate’s Power Pack because you can use the 2 cloths (General Purpose and Glass & Polishing) in this set to clean practically everything in your house (or car). It would also be an ideal cleaning set for your cottage.  I am not a “sprayer” person so I consider the included sprayer to be a bonus for the kids.

e-cloth Power Cleaning Pack

Available for Limited Time Only

This set is only available for a few days. I believe (but could be wrong) that e-cloth is using it as a way to clear the mini-sprayers (8 oz) out of the warehouse.

If You Like the Norwex Basic Package…

I’ve got to hand it to Norwex.  They have a similar package that they simply call the “Basic Package” (see below if you’re interested in my comparison of the e-cloth and Norwex packages). For years, I’ve asked/begged e-cloth to offer a 2-pack like this for years. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong because they only ever off it when they’re clearing inventory.  Silly e-cloth.

What does Kate’s Power Pack Include?

  1. One General Purpose cloth
  2. One Glass & Polishing cloth
  3. Bonus Mini Sprayer (8 oz)

How Much does Kate’s Power Pack Cost?

$12.99 USThat’s a $7 savings (and $25 LESS than the Norwex Basic Package!!!)

How Long is this Gem on Sale?

I don’t know.  I’ve been told end of June… maybe a bit longer.  My advice is that if you’re interested in it, don’t wait to purchase. I’m not trying to cause you stress, just telling you what I know (and don’t know).

Why Does Kate LOVE This Pack?

With the two cloths in each of these packs, you can clean almost everything in your house.

The General Purpose cloth is great for:

  • everyday wiping of tables, counters, and appliances
  • deep cleaning of fridge interiors, sinks, entire bathrooms
  • spot cleaning of walls, trim, light switches, door knobs
  • sopping up spills
  • used dry or wet for dusting
  • taking stains out of carpets and clothing
  • cleaning greasy messes
  • and more and more and more
  • If you’re wondering how the General Purpose cloth compares to the Norwex Enviro cloth, check out my comparison here (written when I was a Norwex consultant)

The Glass & Polishing cloth is great for:

  • windows and mirrors
  • silverware
  • jewelry
  • glass stove tops
  • granite and engineered counter tops
  • stainless appliances
  • glass shower doors
  • and more and more and more
  • If you’re wondering how the e-cloth Glass & Polishing Cloth compares to the Norwex Window cloth, check out my comparison here.

Used together, the 2 cloths can’t be beat on shiny or reflective surfaces.  Use the General Purpose cloth first for the “heavy cleaning” and then follow up with the Glass & Polishing cloth for the streak-free finish.

The Sprayer is Great for:

  • spraying.
  • misting windows and shiny surfaces before polishing with the polishing cloth
  • misting inside of car windows before cleaning
  • spraying a cat before it poops in your garden? (is that considered cruelty to animals?)

How Does Kate’s Power Pack Compare to the Norwex Basic Package?

Essentially, the e-cloth pack is the same as the Norwex Basic Package – except for the bonus sprayer.  The e-cloth and Norwex sets both include one cloth for cleaning (e-cloth =  General Purpose, Norwex = Enviro) and one cloth for polishing (e-cloth = Glass&Polishing, Norwex = Window).

Performance-wise, I have found the Norwex and e-cloths to be very comparable/almost identical.  For detailed comparisons, please read my comparison posts here (General Purpose/Enviro) and here (Polishing/Window).

Price-wise, there is simply no comparison.  The Norwex Basic Package is about $38.00 (price varies slightly depending on whether you’re in the US or Canada) plus shipping.  The e-cloth package is are $12.99US with free shipping in the US for orders over $20. Sorry to my fellow Canadians, no free shipping up here.