…And if you think you’re safe for a while and decide to leave the diaper off, think again. Because then they’ll poo.

…And if you’re foolish enough to try to clean the floor before wiping their bum, well… you deserve(?) to have a poopy couch.

…And chances are, this will all happen closer to 5:30 am than 6 am, when you’re really at your mental “best”.

Ask me how my morning went. I dare ya!

e-cloth General Purpose Microfiber Cloth

The e-cloth® General Purpose cloth cleans pee-pee and poo-poo messes

On the bright side, the floors are now clean. I hand washed the pee-pee kitchen floor with a General Purpose cloth. Once I got started, I just couldn’t stop. Rinsed out the cloth then hung it to be laundered.

But then I used it again on the poo-poo couch and floor. Rinsed again and now it’s most definitely ready to be laundered.

I decided to spare you any pics of this morning’s mess BUT… if you’re interested, Google “poop on floor” and you’ll get lots of interesting images. There’s one where the boy painted his room with it. Nice. Betcha that Mom is wishing she had an e-cloth!