A couple of months ago, we had a sale on a 2-pack of e-cloths. It included

  • 1 General Purpose e-cloth and
  • 1 Glass & Polishing e-cloth.

I called it Kate’s Dream Pack because, well, in a perfect world e-cloth would be offering this all the time. It’s everything you need in a cleaner. Great for indoors and out and even in the car.

Some of you already know that I snagged an obscene number of these when they were on sale. Yes, I have an e-cloth addiction. And now I’m realizing I have no place to store all these cloths so I’m giving some away.

To enter to win one of Kate’s Dream Packs, head on over to the ecloth USA Canada facebook page and click on the red “enter to win” button at the top (note: some people have mentioned that they have not been able to see the button when they’re using their phone or ipad. I can’t help you there, sorry. It’s a facebook thing.)

Click the image below start!