Had I known e-cloth was going to come out with the e-auto line, I would have waited to write the “car cleaning” post I put up here last week (seriously, I had no idea until just a few days ago!). But hey, that video was all about cleaning the inside. The new e-auto microfiber mitts, sponges and cloths are all about cleaning the OUTSIDE.

Check out the new auto-cleaning products by e-cloth here.

Whether you’re a reluctant car washer (like me) or someone that relishes a spotless baby, err, I mean vehicle, you’re going to like these new microfiber cloths, sponges and mitts. They’re all reasonably priced, but the microfiber is better than your average and it’s backed up by e-cloth’s great 300 wash warranty.

Probably if my car looked like the one in the picture below, I’d wash it more often. It’s just a little difficult to get excited about washing a 2004, powder blue Hyundai Accent.

And the best part is, it’s just in time for Father’s Day! Order Dad a couple of cloths and mitts and wash his car for him. No matter how little effort you put into it, the e-auto products will cover for you and Dad will have a spotless, shiny, clean car.

Oh, and I suppose the e-auto products are also great for washing motorcycles, RV’s, and boats. And planes. If I ever get one of these luxury-mobiles, I’ll be sure to let you know.