My Norwex and e-cloths don’t get an easy ride. I use them for almost every cleaning job, no matter how dirty. Some of them have gotten pretty raunchy looking, but I’ve come up with an easy way to remove stains from Norwex and e-cloth cleaning cloths.

Remember last week when I “washed” my car at the carwash and came home and wiped it with my e-cloth?  Remember how dirty my e-cloth got? No?  Well here’s a little reminder…

e-cloth cleans carsThat, my friends, is a D-I-R-T-Y e-cloth.  It’s full of grease and road grime.  And you’re probably wondering:

Is Kate nuts?  Who uses an ivory-coloured e-cloth to clean up really dirty messes?

  1. Perhaps I am nuts, but this is an old “shower” e-cloth that accidentally got washed with my brown Pet Towel so it’s not as “ivory” coloured as it used to be and for some reason I relegated it to the “odd jobs” basket.
  2. I wanted to show you that you CAN keep your Norwex and e-cloths nice and stain-free (except if you wash them with something that bleeds colour… like the pet towel)

3 Steps to Remove Stains from Norwex and e-cloths and Keep them Stain-Free

  1. Within a couple of hours of getting your Norwex or e-cloth super dirty/greasy, put it in your kitchen sink with a bit (1/2 tsp) of dish detergent and the HOTTEST water you can get.  I add boiling water from my kettle.Rinse dirty e-cloth in hot soapy water
  2. Let the Norwex or e-cloth sit there for 10 minutes or more and agitate the water periodically with a wooden spoon (you can use your hands but obviously that’s not advised if you used boiling water).  Microfibre cloths need HEAT and AGITATION to release dirt and grease.
  3. Most of the “stains” should be gone now but some may linger.  Rinse the cloth in hot water to remove the soap and then wash it in the washing machine. This does NOT have to happen right away – my cloth sat for 3 days before I washed it. Again, wash in the hottest water possible.  Take a look at this beauty (beast?) of a washing machine! They don’t make ’em like this anymore do they?  Steel drum inside – you know this baby is meant to last. Launder your e-cloth in hot water

And presto-chango! A nice, clean, stain-free e-cloth. stain-free e-cloth

If your Norwex or e-cloth has an old stain in it, boil the cloth for 10-15 minutes with 2-4 tablespoons of baking soda and a bit of dish soap.  This may not get rid of the stain completely but should lessen it.

I’ve got more info on washing Norwex and e-cloths here: When and How to Wash Norwex and ecloth

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