I know this is crazy and doesn’t make any sense, but this morning I was too lazy to walk to the mudroom to get my mop so I hand washed my kitchen floor with a General Purpose e-cloth. Sometimes I wash my floors with a Norwex Enviro cloth.  Truly, it depends only on which cloth is more handy.

What I have discovered is that it is very satisfying to hand-wash floors.  It feels like hard work, but with the right cloth, it’s easy. It’s also a good way to see little messes that you might have missed with the mop – like yogurt on the toe-kick under the cabinet.

4 Reasons to Hand Wash Floors with e-cloth

  1. It’s effective. An e-cloth will clean your floor far better than a sponge or cotton cloth. The e-cloth will wipe up ground-in dirt, grease and old spills fairly easily and with only water.
  2. No Chemical Cleansers or Polishes Required – E-cloths work with only water to remove soil, grease and bacteria. All you need is a damp e-cloth and a bit of elbow grease.
  3. It will give you a sense of how the e-cloth mop will work. I get a lot of inquiries about the performance of the Deep Clean Mop and whether I think people should get one.  My best suggestion is to try hand washing your floors with a General Purpose e-cloth.  If you find the cloth works well – and are amazed at how easily  and how much dirt it picks up – then you’ve got a very good idea of how well the mop will work.  Only the mop is much, much easier. Especially on large areas.
  4. It’s very satisfying. Just imagine telling your mother-in-law that you hand-washed(!) your floors.

I had that floor washed by 7:30 am! So of course then I felt like I didn’t really have to do anything else today. So I sat down with a cup of tea and ate a handful of chocolates.  Good old Christmas 😉

How to Hand Wash Floors with e-cloth

  1. Dampen and wring out the cloth: Make sure you wring the cloth out well in order to avoid streaks on the floor.
  2. Fold the cloth properly: Fold the cloth in half and then in half again so you have a 6″ x 6″ square.  By folding the cloth this way, you actually have 8 sides of the cloth that can be used to clean with. As one side gets dirty, flip to a “fresh” side of the cloth.
  3. Wipe: Pretty sure I don’t need to add any directions here.
  4. Do not use soap or any cleansers: e-cloths clean with only water and no cleansers or soap is required.

Will the e-cloth Leave Streaks on the Floor?

When done correctly (which is not hard), the hand washing your floors with an e-cloth will leave you with a gloriously streak-free surface. There are three reasons why you might see streaks:

  1. The e-cloth was too wet – and moisture was left behind.  Make sure you wring the cloth out well before hand washing the floor. If you’ve got a floor with a very shiny surface, you may want to quickly follow up with a glass and polishing cloth (here is my review of the Glass & Polishing cloth)
  2. The e-cloth is too dirty – and is leaving some grease/dirt behind.  This is unlikely unless you just sopped up a container of yogurt. Either use a different part of the cloth OR rinse the cloth in hot water. It may be necessary to rinse with a bit of dish soap depending on what mess you cleaned with the cloth.
  3. The floor has polish or commercial cleansers on it – and the e-cloth has removed some but not all of it.  Many commercial floor cleansers leave a film of polish behind. An e-cloth will pick up and remove that polish, but may leave some behind. This will cause your floor to look streaky. The remedy is to use the e-cloth a few more times to remove the remaining polish/cleanser.

Does the e-cloth Have to be Laundered After Hand Washing Floors?

I recommend laundering your e-cloth after hand washing floors. My trusty green e-cloth got pretty dirty (but remarkably, there were very few dog hairs on the floor.  Odd) so I set it to soak for a while in the sink and then put it by the washing machine to be laundered.

I hang my used, wet Norwex and e-cloths with Command Hooks on the side of my washing machine when they’re waiting to be laundered.

How does Hand Washing with an e-cloth Compare to the e-cloth Mop?

The Damp Pad that comes with the e-cloth mop has slightly longer fibres than a general purpose cloth, which means it will reach into cracks/divots in flooring better. The mop is also much easier on the knees and back than hand-washing.  Other than that, hand washing with an e-cloth will have an equally good cleaning result as the mop.

Will e-cloths Fit Onto Your Swiffer?

Lucky you! I’ve already put e-cloths to the test. Read my blog post about how e-cloths fit on to Swiffers.