In the past, cleaning the inside of our cars was strictly Mark’s job. I had no interest and really didn’t care if the dash was dirty. The only thing that ever bothered me was that haze that builds up on the inside of the windshield.

But now our 3 year old son, Zander has turned into a car cleaning maniac so he and I tackle our 2 cars on a pretty regular basis.

e-cloth ® makes cleaning the inside of your car (what some people – not me – call “Detailing”) really easy. Zander and I can clean the windows, mirrors, dash, knobs, cubbies, doors and cup holders in about 5 minutes. Add a couple of minutes to do the windows in the back.

What You Need to Clean (Detail) the Inside of your Car with e-cloth

  • a General Purpose e-cloth®. Actually, you can use ANY e-cloth ® (except maybe the dusting cloth, although if you have the time you may want to use it first to dust the dash). Some people like the Furniture and Bathroom e-cloths because they’re a bit more plush and get into the tight spots on the dash better. Personally, I like the Stainless Steel e-cloth ® (as you may have noticed from the video). The only drawback to using the Stainless Steel ecloth is that it has less microfiber surface since some of it is taken up by the scrubby strips. So if you’ve got a large (or very dirty) vehicle, you may have to give the cloth a rinse once or twice.
  • an e-cloth Glass & Polishing Cloth
  • water
  • Note that e-cloth actually has a car/auto cleaning/detailing line of products.  The Car Cleaning Cloth is the same as a general purpose cloth but slightly larger. The Chrome cloth is exactly the same as the Glass & Polishing cloth – only a different colour.

How to Clean (Detail) the Inside of your Car with e-cloth Microfiber

You’re not going to believe how easy this is… I recommend starting with the windows/mirror and then moving from the cleanest areas to the dirtiest.

  • either dampen your General Purpose e-cloth ® OR spray the surface with a bit of water
  • wipe the surface with the General Purpose e-cloth (or whatever e-cloth you’re using)
  • while the surface is still damp, wipe it with the e-cloth Glass & Polishing Cloth


I like to just use a dampened e-cloth (rather than the spray method) because it’s one less step and that little bit easier.

5 Reasons Why I REALLY Like Cleaning the Inside of Our Cars with e-cloths

  1. It’s easy – I can do the passenger side while my husband drives
  2. It cleans really well! Everything from that film on the inside of the windshield to the crumbs in the crannies, to the dust on the dash, to the spilled pop (that’s soda for you people south of the Canadian border) and coffee in the cup holders, to the mud on the inside of the doors.
  3. There are no chemicals, sprays or cleansers required – so I’m not sitting in a VERY confined area breathing in God knows what AND it doesn’t leave behind a sticky/tacky residue that attracts dust.
  4. It’s fast – in less than 10 minutes, I can clean every hard surface – including the mirror, windshield, windows, dash, cupholders, doors, steering wheel, paneling, etc. – inside our SUV. And then I can use the same cloth to clean the outside of the windows and the side view mirrors
  5. I can do it with my 3 year old son. We both really enjoy doing this. It’s good “bonding” time and even though he’s a bit haphazard with his cleaning, I know the parts that he does wipe are actually clean and streak free. 


I am NOT a professional car cleaner (probably obvious from the video :)) and am not overly picky so this may not be up to the standards of some who really LOVE their baby, err, I mean car. BUT, ecloth ® does a really good job of cleaning and it does it fast and without any chemicals.