Sometimes I have, what I think is a great idea, but the execution of that idea leaves me wondering.

Case in point, my recent decision to sew an Easter Basket for the Little Man. And heck, while I was at it, I’d sew an extra one for the growing acrobat in my belly.

So… I searched the net until I found and Easter Basket that: (1) I liked and (2) looked easy enough for a limited seamstress like me (ok, I’m not a seamstress, but if you write “sewer” it’s something your toilet flushes into, not someone who sews.)

I took a few (several) liberties with a couple of patterns/tutorials and came up with these little cuties. And I’ve got to admit that I’m pretty proud of myself. That tapping sound you’re hearing is me patting myself on the back.

Homemade Fabric Easter Basket - Sewing project

Hippity-hoppety Easter Baskets

Truth is, it was easy but I learned a few things along the way: Are you paying attention, Kate? Because this is important

  1. have an idea of what you’re doing before you try to alter the pattern (the basket in the tutorial is pretty small and I decided to make mine a little bigger. I guessed at measurements instead of thinking about it and paid the price of re-doing some stuff)
  2. I don’t like sewing on buttons or doing embroidery. Must avoid these two tasks in the future.
  3. Linen frays a lot and isn’t fun to work with. Avoid using it in future projects if at all possible
  4. Read the instructions carefully – I’m not an experienced sewer seamstress and I made the mistake of just looking at the pretty pictures instead of actually reading the instructions for a few steps. Mistake. Re-do.

Here is a link to the tutorial I used to sew the basket and here’s a link for the face and ears. Since I’m lazy and disorganized, I didn’t make notes on the alterations I made but mine are considerably larger than the ones the directions are for.

Happy Sewing!