Stress-free Holiday CleaningAhh the holidays. A time of relaxing, gorging and drinking for some.  A time for tidying, cleaning and stressing for others.  For those of you in the latter group, I’ve got a few tips on how e-cloths can help you cope with the holidays.






  1. ecloth 2 for 1 General Purpose cloths

    General Purpose Cloths can wipe up and SOP up everything!

    Have 2 or 3 General Purpose cloths clean and ready for action.  They’re fantastic for spot-cleaning sticky, chocolatey messes and fingerprints off of furniture, phones, and appliances.  They’re also far superior to cotton cloths and towels for sopping up spilled drinks.

  2. The Bathroom e-cloth will get your bathroom sparkling in less than 5 minutes!

    The Bathroom e-cloth will get your bathroom sparkling in less than 5 minutes!

    If it’s important for you to have the bathroom sparkling for guests, you can do it all in 3-5 minutes with e-cloth! (a) squirt your toilet bowl with your cleanser of choice and give it a swish with your toilet brush (sorry, e-cloth doesn’t have anything for that) (b) place the brush over the toilet rim so the brush part is hanging over the bowl and the handle is hanging outside of the bowl and put the toilet seat down to hold it.  (c) while the toilet brush is drying,  grab a damp Bathroom Cloth and do a quick once-over of the sink, counter, cupboard knobs, toilet tank, seat and rim (d) If needed, give the mirror and faucets a quick wipe with a Glass & Polishing cloth. (e) Breath! You’re done.

  3. If you’ve got hard surface floors, put your vacuum away and just do a quick “sweep”

    The dust pad for the deep clean mop is the better tree needle picker-upper.

    around the tree with the dust pad on your deep clean mop. It’ll pick up any fallen needles (and dead spiders which I’ve found plenty of this year for some reason) way faster and more easily than your vacuum. Better yet, let one of the kids do that – it’s foolproof! 😉

  4. drinkware-cleaning-cloth

    The drinkware and drying cloth will rid your dishes and glasses of waterspots.

    If you’re wine and crystal glasses are prone to waterspots, try drying them with the Drinkware Polishing Towel. Actually, this little gem will work on all your dishes (and is cheaper than the kitchen towels) and is more absorbent than cotton towels.

  5. If you did the cooking, hand your Washing Up Pad and Kitchen Towels to someone else and let them do the cleanup.