I often go to bed with wet hair. I was never a lover of showers but now with these young kids, it’s usually bed time before it occurs to me that “hmmm… I think its been 1,2,3,4…? days since my last shower”.

So in I hop and it’s late and I want to go to sleep, but now I’ve got this darned wet hair. Typically, I would razzle-dazzle it with a towel then put another towel on my pillow and konk out.

And watch out the next morning because my hair would be sticking up everywhere and it would hurt. I call it “hurty-hair”. Imaginative, I know.

But… last week I got my new e-body® microfiber Hair Turban, and let me tell you, it’s Smurfy!

What’s so Smurfy about it?

  1. It’s soft and absorbent and will keep your pillow dry if you go to bed with wet hair
  2. It keeps your hair relatively in place while it dries so you won’t wake up with crazy-went-to-bed-with-wet-hair, hair.
  3. It’ll make you look like a Smurf. Not Papa Smurf though, because his hat was red.

For you day-time shower-ers (you lucky rascals, you!), have no fear: the e-body® Hair Turban works in daylight too 😉 One of these days I hope to have an opportunity to write about how well it works in the day.

For more information about the e-body® microfiber Hair Turban, or any of the new e-body® Luxury Bath and Body products, please visit eclothusa.com.