Several years ago, I heard a rumour that the mints at restaurant check-out counters are contaminated with urine and/or feces.  Is this true?  I have no idea, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it is.

What percentage of us hit the can immediately before leaving a restaurant?  Well, I do, that’s for sure.  And I’m always astonished to see women walk right out of the cubicle into the restaurant without washing their hands.  For some reason I can imagine men doing this, but not women.  Ewwww.

So they walk out with their pee-pee-poo-poo hands, pay for their lunch and grab a mint (or 5).

I don’t eat restaurant mints or jelly beans or candies anymore.

UNLESS I’m at an Indian restaurant.

mukhwas indian digestive candyI absolutely cannot resist the mukhwas – little Indian “digestive aid” bits of goodness.  Fennel, anise, and sesame seeds (perhaps more) coated in enticingly brightly coloured sugary coating.  It’s always located right beside the cash register or by the door.  Sometimes there’s a little spoon in it, sometime not.

It calls to me.  “Kate… yes, we are covered in poo and pee, but you MUST eat us

As we left a local Indian restaurant last night, Mark picked up the spoon and asked “feces?” Then he suggested that perhaps I should carry a little e-cloth with me next time we go out for Indian – then I can wipe every little candied gem before I eat it.

Like E.T. and his Reese’s Pieces, I love my little Feces Pieces.