5 stars for the ecloth luxury bath toweltch washing up sponge and scrubberIn a Nutshell: Hands down, the e-cloth Bath Towel is the most absorbent – and absolutely the softest – towel I’ve ever used. Touch it on your wet skin and ZAPPO, almost instantly dry. This is not the “grabby” microfibre that you’re used to.

Update on the e-cloth Bath Towel:

March 2019 Update: Sadly the e-cloth Bath Towel was discontinued BUT… you can still get it. It just has a different name. And it’s not ivory. This may sound odd, but the large e-cloth pet towel is the exact same towel.  Only it’s brown.  And let me tell you that after years of selling the ivory towel, I have had MANY happy readers tell me that they purchased the brown, pet towel instead. Other good news, e-cloth knocked $10 off the price!

First Impressions of the e-cloth Bath Towel:

Pulling the e-cloth Bath Towel out of the package yesterday, I’ll admit that I was anxious. I’ve had such high hopes for these e-body products and I just didn’t want to be let down. I stared at it in the package for a minute, daring it to disappoint me. But hell-O! This thing is soft!

How soft is it, Kate?


  • it’s the kind of soft that you want to wrap a newborn baby into and just snuggle with.
  • it’s the kind of soft that you want pressed against your face when you’re feeling down
  • it’s the kind of soft that your dog will want to nuzzle into and then plop down on, leaving black hairs and dirt on as you frantically (and angrily) “shoo” it away.

  • UPDATE March 2019 – it’s now available in brown.

ecloth bath towel is the same as the pet towel

Does the e-cloth Bath Towel Cling or Grab onto Your Skin?

You know how e-cloth and Norwex cleaning cloths can be VERY clingy and they have that awful feeling on your fingers? Well forget about it.

The new e-cloth Bath towels are NOT the “clingy” microfibre that you’re used to. How is it possible that the e-cloth Bath Towel and the General Purpose e-cloth are made of the same materials?

(Note: a few days after writing this review, I added some pictures of my 2-year old, Remy, loving the towel.  These pictures really show how soft the towel is.)

I did sense a very tiny bit of “grab” on my finger tips as I touched it, but I was really testing for it and my hands were extremely dry. I didn’t feel it on my face and if you were Average Joe, just picking up the towel to use it, I doubt you’d sense it.

How does the e-cloth Bath Towel Compare to the Norwex Bath Towel?

Other than that they are both microfibre, there is really no comparison between the e-cloth and Norwex bath towels.

The absolute softness and non-grabby texture of the e-cloth bath towel came as a huge relief to me. I have one of the Norwex Bath Towels that I’ve used after a shower TWICE in 3 years. It’s horrid. If you put it on your body, it will cling to you – no hands needed. And you don’t want to know what it’s like if you’ve got stubble on your legs. Sorry Norwex, your bath towel is not a “win” for me.  It’s up there with the netted dish cloth as one of two Norwex products I don’t like and now only gets used as a mat-protector during hot yoga classes.

Does the e-cloth Bath Towel Work?

This morning I had the rare opportunity to take a shower without having to wonder what the kids were doing while I was in there. To be honest, I couldn’t wait to get OUT of the shower because I was really hankering to try my new e-body Luxury Bath Towel.

It’s really hard to describe the performance of this towel. “Performance“. Geez, I sound like I’m reviewing a car. But Holy $hit, this towel is impressive! Here’s what happened:

  1. I stepped out of the shower and grabbed the towel
  2. I placed it on my right arm and was about to rub (like you would with a terry/cotton towel)
  3. Then I said “shit” (pardon the language but I do try to be accurate and that IS what I said) because I realized I didn’t have to rub. My arm was dry!
  4. Then I started experimenting because I really didn’t believe how well it worked. So I dabbed at my legs. Zing! Dry. I dabbed at my belly. Zing! Dry. You get the idea – no need to make this an X-Rated review.

Honestly, this towel is amazing. I’m not exaggerating when I say it almost instantly sucks the moisture off your skin. No rubbing required, just dabbing.

I’m not a person that is easily excited or impressed. I was excited by this towel. It’s the first e-cloth product that I told my husband he just had to try.

Do You Need the e-cloth Bath Towel?

If you run a bed and breakfast, your customers will love these towels. They’d also make a wonderful wedding gift. Or Mother’s Day gift … hint… hint.

Unless you’re in the market for new towels or have a towel fetish, no, you probably don’t need it. But… it will dry you faster and it feels so nice on your skin.


  1. the ecloth bath towel works amazingly well to dry your body.
  2. it’s incredibly soft
  3. it absorbs 4 times more moisture than cotton and dries twice a fast
  4. it’s a beautiful towel and will impress anyone
  5. like all e-cloth products, the e-body Luxury Bath Towel comes with a 3 year guarantee.


  1. at $39.99 (now $29.99) it’s a bit pricey, but it’s guaranteed for 3 years so you’ll get your money’s worth
  2. it’s white. I have an issue with white. I live in a part of town where the water pipes are dirty water from my tapancient and occasionally, without warning, my water has a rusty tinge to it. Or if they do any construction work within 1/2 km from our house, we get muddy water. There is no way these will stay white in my house. Take a look at what came out of my tap one day last year. UPDATE: since the bath towel is only available in the “pet” colour, this con is no longer an issue! Happy day.

Attention: in case you didn’t see it above, e-cloth discontinued the ivory Bath Towel, but it is still available in brown. The brown towel is labeled as the pet towel but I assure you, it is the same towel – only brown and $10 cheaper. You will want to order the LARGE size – unless you’re very small. 


  1. Melissa

    Do you wash these with the rest of your microfiber or with regular towels?

    • Cleaninup Kate

      Melissa – I just wash mine with the regular towels. They will collect lint from the other towels though. If this is something you’re concerned about, you can put the ecloth towels into a laundry bag or pillow case when washing.

  2. Kathy

    When I’ve had stinky towels I’ve used 1/2 cup of washing soda in the wash, and they come out smelling fresh. I don’t know if you can use this with these towels, but it sure does work for other towels. Also, I ordered one hand towel, then went back and treated my husband and me to the luxury body and hand towels. The latter will be a present from Santa, but the other towel I have already been using for a hair towel, since my old hair towel was about 25 years old! I LOVE IT!
    It is so soft and dries my hair so quickly. 5 stars for sure!

    • Cleaninup Kate

      Kathy – as long as the detergent/soda doesn’t have bleach in it, it’s fine. Glad to hear your towels are keeping fresh and soft.

  3. Rosemary Ivic

    My grandsons absolutely love these towels. I got one white and one pet towel in brown because you said they are the same (and they are.) the boys are very possessive of their towels! I may need to get one just for me. ?

    • Cleaninup Kate

      Rosemary – thank you for taking the time to tell me how much your grandsons are enjoying their towels. Good idea getting them different colours 😉

  4. Bethany W

    Is the hand towel the same as the bath towel, in terms of type of material/feel? I know the size is different, but it seems like it might be worth the experiment.

    • Cleaninup Kate

      Bethany – yes the hand towel and bath towel are the same (except for size).

  5. Rosemary

    I have ordered this for a Christmas gift. I too wish there were more cloud choices, but I’m looking forward to getting it anyway. Maybe I’ll order one for me too!

    • Cleaninup Kate

      The bath towel makes a very nice gift, Rosemary. Even better if you gift it to yourself. 😉

  6. randy

    hello,i want what most people avoid,i am looking for a HIGH QUALITY bath towel,that has a rough and scratchy texture,a towel that cuts dead skin cells and invigorates the blood flow,,,,i dont mind spending more money for them,,,, most of the towels i desire,are associated with the cheapest towels,i do not want cheap towels,, please help me?

    • Cleaninup Kate

      Well Randy, I’ve got a couple of suggestions for you. Have you tried exfoliating in the shower? That way you rinse away all the dead skin cells rather than keeping them in your towel. e-cloth has a really nice exfoliating body mitt that will do the trick AND feels great. Another trick may be to dry your towels outside on a clothesline, if you’re able. Don’t use any fabric softener in your wash. I have some very nice (and expensive) towels that were given to us and line-drying them always makes them scratchy.

  7. Chelsea Nielsen

    I am thinking about getting this luxury towel but I have some concerns. My problem is our regular towel get the mildew smell within a couple months no matter what. I like the idea of norwex bath towels with silver in them to help with bacteria creating bad smells. After having over 25 bath towels in my house that still look fine but are unusable because of the smell, the feel of the towels doesn’t matter as much as the resistance to mildew type smelling. My primary question is if the E-cloth luxury towel works as well as the norwex towel when it comes to resistance to mildew smells? I would prefer the softer towel but like I said, at this point the smell issue is all that matters.

    • Cleaninup Kate

      Hi Chelsea – you won’t believe how soft the e-cloth luxury towel is! It doesn’t feel anything like the Norwex one. Think minke fleece.

      Why do you think your towels are getting the mildew smell? Is there no ventilation in your bathroom? We live in a very old house and our bathroom has no fan and in the winter we have storm windows so we can’t even get any fresh air in there. We occasionally get the mildewy smell but it usually comes out in the wash. In the winter, with the windows closed and no fan, we have to hang our towels after use in a way that they’re quite spread out and open. Unsightly but the only way they’ll dry.

      Not knowing your bathroom, or why you’re towels get that mildewy smell, I can’t guarantee that it won’t happen to the Luxury towel. However, it will dry faster than cotton which may be enough to stop the smell from coming.

      As a test, it may be worth trying the Luxury hand towel first to see how it works in your bathroom.

      If you have more ideas on why the mildew smell is happening, I may be able to help more.

  8. kim

    really would like to hear about a 2 for one price on these!

    • Cleaninup Kate

      Kim – oh wouldn’t that be sweet! We’re a family of 4 fighting over 1 luxury towel. I don’t think we should hold our breath for a 2 for 1 sale on them though. Maybe just add the towels to your wish list for birthday/Christmas.

      • kim

        you are probably correct
        but it “can” happen…lol

        • CleanUpKate

          Not 2 for 1, but now $10 cheaper Kim if you go for the brown “pet” towel (see my updates in the post)

  9. Joanne Sorensen

    I am a new user of e-cloths and have been quite satisfied with them. However, I did have 2 items that are not as I would have expected. One is the kitchen cloth’s (with the scrubber corner) description tab which came loose on one end so it can’t hang by the tab now, and the other is one of the polishing cloths which has a run in the body. I also noticed that the cloths don’t automatically clean my house. I have to push them around. Ha! Now if I can just train myself to just use water and not a cleaner, I will be doing well.

    Joanne S.

    • Cleaninup Kate

      Hi Joanne – I’m going to email you separately so we can get your tab-less kitchen cloth and running polishing cloth situation rectified.

      • kim

        it must be ecloth problem not yours cause I can get them to work by themselves
        I too have to push them around….lol

  10. Tasha G.

    I just received my e-cloth bath towels and hand towels and you’re not kidding – softest things on the planet. My kids felt them and said they belonged in “comfy world.” They’re NOTHING like any microfiber towel I’ve tried before. Love, love, love. I really wish they came in colors other than white, though. I’m not confident about their ability to stand the test of time against my family! lol

    • Cleaninup Kate

      Tasha – thanks for adding your thoughts on the towel. I’m always glad to hear when I’m not the only one who thinks something is great. I’m with you on the colour.


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