The e-cloth Stainless Steel Set is only a necessity if you own brushed stainless steel appliances.  Although I’ve found other handy uses for the scrubbers on the Stainless Steel cloth, it hasn’t proved useful enough to justify the purchase (especially since I don’t own any stainless steel appliances)

What is the e-cloth Stainless Steel Set?

The e-cloth Stainless Steel Set is what I refer to as a “specialty” set and it was designed specifically to clean brushed stainless steel without polishes or cleansers. This set includes:

  • Stainless Steel Cloth – One side of this is the same as the General Purpose cloth.  The other side has strips of polypropylene scrubbers that reach into the grooves of brushed stainless steel to remove dirt, grease, grime and “gunk”.
  • Glass & Polishing Cloth – This is the same as the Glass & Polishing cloths that can be purchased individually

If you’d like more information on why this set was developed or how to use it, check out my “specialty cloth” post.

How to Use the Stainless Steel Set

Using the Stainless Steel Set is a quick three-step process:

  1. With the Stainless Steel cloth damp, start with the “scrubby” side and wipe the surface.  The scrubbers will loosen dirt and grease within the grooves of brushed steel
  2. Flip the cloth over and use the microfiber side to remove all the grease, dirt and “gunk” from the surface.
  3. Follow up with a Glass & Polishing cloth to remove any dampness for a streak-free finish.  The Glass & Polishing cloth is also good for daily “maintenance” of fingerprint and smudge removal.

Does the Stainless Steel Set Work?

Short Answer – Yes, the Stainless Steel Set works.  It easily cleans fingerprints, grease and dirt from stainless steel surfaces. When followed up with the Glass & Polishing Cloth, it leaves a gleaming, streak-free surface.  It is virtually fool-proof and even a toddler can clean your fridge door now… and they’ll probably even enjoy it. The Stainless Steel cloth will also remove slightly sticky messes but the scrubbers won’t remove cooked on gunk or hardened sticky stuff like dried jam. In it’s defense, it isn’t meant to remove those things.

What are the Scrubbers on the Stainless Steel Cloth For?

The scrubbers on the Stainless Steel Cloth are NOT designed for cleaning dried jam or baked on gunk. They are meant solely for brushing dirt, grease and grime out of the grooves of brushed stainless steel.  They are very flexible and not firm enough to use on tough sticky/baked messes.

One Good Reason to Get the Stainless Steel Set

  1. You have Brushed Stainless Steel Appliances. I’ll admit that the little scrubbers on the Stainless Steel cloth are good at lifting dirt out of the grooves in brushed steel. Kind of satisfying… like using a nail file to dig out the dirt in your kids’ filthy fingernails.

3 Other (Weird) Uses for the Stainless Steel Set

Because I don’t have any brushed stainless steel appliances (I had to test this out on my friends’ appliances – lucky them), I’ve had to find other uses for this cloth to justify holding onto it. So far, this is what I’ve got:

  1. When all my General Purpose cloths are dirty/waiting to be laundered, I use the non-scrubby side for cleaning spills and wiping the table
  2. Wiping/cleaning dead bugs from my car windshield and headlights
  3. Cleaning the “dimpled” metal on my screen door. Excuse the filth – it’s been a while since I cleaned the door – but maybe you can see the little dimples in the metal (like a golf ball). The dirt builds up in those and when I just use a damp cloth, the dirt just turns to mud and takes extra effort to get out.  The scrubby side of the Stainless Steel cloth is good at lifting that dirt out.

Stainless Steel cloth for cleaning metal doors

Why Isn’t Kate Thrilled by the Stainless Steel Set?

I mean… this set is OK. It works, sure. But it’s just too specialized for me. I like bang for my buck. I like an “all-round” good cloth and this set just ain’t that.

  1. I can’t find many other uses for the Stainless Steel cloth. I’m sure I could use it more often but…
  2. …the Stainless Steel cloth leaves a lot of moisture behind. That means if I’m cleaning something shiney or glossy, I definitely need to follow up with the Glass & Polishing Cloth.

How Does the Stainless Steel Cloth Differ from the General Purpose Cloth?

Excellent question! And I actually already answered that question in my previous post, here. That post also talks about:

  1. why to use e-cloth instead of polishes and “cleansers” on stainless steel
  2. why you might see streaks on your stainless steel after using an e-cloth (don’t worry, it may look hideous but it’s fixable)
  3. how to decide if you need the Stainless Steel Cloth or just a General Purpose cloth

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