The e-cloth Pet Towel is a super-star at drying pet hair, cleaning paws, and sopping up dripped mud and water. It is better than anything I’ve ever used to dry my dogs with, can double as a door mat and can triple as a cozy spot in the car. Highly recommended.

What is the e-cloth Pet Towel?

The e-cloth Pet Towel is a dream come true in Springtime for any pet owner. It is a super-sopper-upper that seems to suck moisture out of pet fur and paws and makes a pretty darned good floor-wiper-upper too.

e-cloth pet towel

How Big is the e-cloth Pet Towel?

The e-cloth pet towel comes in two sizes:

  • Small (they call it “medium” on the website but when there are only two sizes, that doesn’t make since to me) is 20″ x 39.5″. I would say this would be a good bet for dogs up to 45-50 lbs.  Dogs with shaggy/long hair in the 45-50 lbs range might be better suited for a Large towel.
  • Large is 31.5″ x 59″. I have used this for my Labrador Retrievers (now both dead, sadly. 70-90 lbs) and for our latest dog, Ruger who is 40 lbs.  It was a good size for our larger Lab but definitely could easily be used for even bigger dogs. Ruger (the 40-pounder) kind of swims in it but it does make drying his back and belly at the same time a breeze.

Here is our old 70 lbs Labrador Retriever, Roxy sitting in the large towel.

Labrador retriever in large e-cloth pet towel

And here is what that same large e-cloth pet towel looks like on our new 40 lbs dog, Ruger.

How does the e-cloth pet towel compare to a cotton terry towel?

There simply is no comparison. The e-cloth pet towel absorbs more water, dries more quickly, removes mud/dirt instead of smearing it around and is much, much softer than any cotton terrycloth towel.

I have had an e-cloth pet towel for years and it looks and performs like new. There are no snags and the edging has held up 100%.

Heard enough? Here’s a link to the e-cloth website.

Or keep reading to see why I love this thing.

11 Reasons I Love the e-cloth Pet Towel

The e-cloth Pet Towel is second only to the Chuckit! on my list of best pet supplies. Seriously – whoever invented the Chuckit! is a genius.  All you “dog-who-fetches” owners know what I’m talking about. Anyhoo… back to the e-cloth pet towel.  I can’t recommend this enough and every one of my friends that I’ve recommended it to has raved about it. Here are my Top Eleven reasons for loving this towel:

  1. It’s main job is to dry wet pet hair/fur and it does that job incredibly well.  This towel works far, far, FAR better than a cotton terry towel to dry pet hair. When our dogs come in out of the rain, I hang the towel over their backs and apply pressure as they walk through the “tunnel”.  You can rub with the towel as well, but you don’t need to.
  2. The e-cloth pet towel can hold a lot of water and can be wrung out and used again. This is really great if:
    • you’ve got a long-haired dog,
    • you’ve got more than one dog,
    • or you are in a situation where you need to get your soaked-to-the-skin-dog dry quickly.

    When we had the Labs, we used to drive them to the river for a swim. Because our old 4-Runner had carpeting in the back, I liked to dry the dogs off before they got in to keep the smell down. With cotton-terry towels, we needed 2 towels per dog  to dry them off after a swim. With the e-cloth pet towel, we used it on one dog, wrung it out and then used it again on the second dog.

  3. The e-cloth pet towel can be used instead of giving a bath. Anyone that has walked a dog on a rainy day knows that their chest and legs can get really muddy – even when walking on concrete. As you dry your little Snookums after the walk, this towel will pick up and remove all the sand and dirt too. See point 4 below on how to remove tougher stuff.
  4. This towel removes poop. But why would I need to remove poop?  Because I have a dog… and dogs ROLL IN POOP.  They also eat poop, but that’s a different story. I wrote a separate post about how I clean poop off my dogs here. If you dampen the towel and gently rub the disgusting bits, the towel will lift that disgustingness right out of the hair.
  5. It doubles as a door mat to easily dry off and clean paws. I like the way I can get this towel in between each of Ruger’s toes to get mud and water out. But sometimes I’m lazy (or the kids let the dog in) so I spread the towel down on the floor like a mat and get Ruger to sit on it.  Just sitting on the towel dries his feet.
  6. The e-cloth Pet Towel is the perfect Human Bath Towel. I’m going to talk about this more, below… so keep reading.
  7. It’s BROWN. Seriously, someone at e-cloth was really thinking when they decided on the colour for this towel because e-cloths usually stain easily (but read my remedy/solution for keeping your ecloths stain-free). The dark brown colour of the e-cloth pet towel is brilliant.
  8. The e-cloth pet towel is soft and cozy and doesn’t catch on skin. The towel is microfibre but it doesn’t have the usual “grabby” feeling that microfibre has.  It feels like a plush baby blanket. All my dogs have curled up and napped in this towel.
  9. The hanging loop is half-way along the long edge. This isn’t a biggie but it is a nice design feature that allows for more convenient hanging of the towel.
  10. It dries quickly either by air-drying or in the dryer. It dries far faster than cotton terry towels – which for me, is key on rainy days when the dogs are wet/muddy multiple times.
  11. I can clean the floor with the e-cloth pet towel. If I’ve missed some mud on paws or chest or – more likely – the dog gets away from me while I’m paw-cleaning, I can use the towel to quickly clean the floor. The microfibres clean up the mess rather than spread it around.

1 Thing to Watch Out For with the e-cloth pet towel

  1. The colour runs during the first washing(s). Consider yourself warned and wash this towel on its own or with darks the first few washings.  I “conveniently” changed the colour of a nice ivory-coloured e-cloth when I washed it with this towel the first time.

ivory e-cloth washed with brown pet towel

Does the e-cloth Pet Towel Remove Hair and/or Dander?

I give a wishy-washy yes to that question. It will pick up small amounts of hair as you dry your pet off but I’d just consider that a bonus. It will also remove dander from the surface of the hair but the fibres aren’t long enough to reach to the skin.

Is this Towel Only for Dogs?

No! You can use this for any animal (even human – see below). I’ve heard really good reviews from horse-owners. I only have experience with dogs though, so… I’ve focused on dogs.

Who is the e-cloth pet towel good for?

  1. Country and City folks – you’ll appreciate how easily this towel dries off Poochy-pooch, and how well it cleans mud, grass, animal poop, and whatever else your dog walks, swims or rolls in.
  2. Road-trippers – the e-cloth pet towel is fabulous on road trips. You can spread it over the seat or cargo area for your dog to lie on. If it’s raining and Mr. Sweets needs to do his business, you can easily dry him off and wipe paws before he gets back into the car. Ditto if you stop to let him out for a swim. If you are able to spread it out somewhere after using, it will dry well in the car.
  3. Campers – one of these towels inside the vestibule of the tent will keep your sleeping bags muddy-paw-print-free. Alternatively, it makes a nice spot for the dog to lie on.
  4. Trail Walkers – I drive to the woods every day to take Ruger for a long walk on the trails. He runs off leash and on wet days comes back a muddy mess. I take the e-cloth pet towel in the car and give Ruger a quick wipe with the towel to keep my car kind of clean (Note: this towel will not pick up the garbage or broken toys your kids leave in the back seat).

Muddy dog in car with ecloth towel

This picture doesn’t do the mud justice. If you zoom in, you can see mud dripping onto the blanket under Ruger. I was able to remove it all quickly with the e-cloth towel.

Can Humans use the e-cloth Pet Towel?

Funny you should ask.  Except for the colour, the large e-cloth pet towel is EXACTLY the same as the old e-cloth bath towel (discontinued – mainly because people didn’t care for the ivory colour and it was $10 more than the pet towel now is). I’ve written a review for use of the towel on humans here and an additional post showing how much my son loves it. But if you’re not into reading more, here’s a picture of Remy enjoying the towel.

ecloth pet towel can be used for humans

I have had many positive comments and emails from people that have used the pet towel as a bath towel. Here is a nice one:

I bought one of these for my husband and he loves it. When the towels went on sale, I couldn’t resist buying a bunch more even though I didn’t have a pet. But I do have two of the cutest little granddaughters who visit every Saturday which happens to be their bath night. I haven’t used them yet but I’m sure they will love them or not… Today, I used one as a hand towel & they really absorb the water quickly

Teresa S.

Do I Recommend the e-cloth Pet Towel?

Definitely! This is the ONLY towel I use to dry our dog and is my preferred “pet thingy” for cleaning Ruger’s paws when wet and muddy. It hangs perpetually by our door, I take it in the car when I take Ruger for our daily walk in the woods, and it’s on our “must take” list when we visit friends and family with the dog. I have given it as gifts and recommend it whole-heartedly to my friends and family.

Need More Information? All the technical information is available at 

What is your “must have” pet product? What is your pet’s favourite toy/blanket/game?


  1. Michelle

    Having this after trail walking and camping would work out great since my pups are so low to the ground only weighing in at about 10lbs. 🙂

  2. Nana Donna 2 6

    I haven’t had a chance yet to use my towel on our 2 dogs, but I did use it to clean up my winter boots as I was putting them away in hopes of no more snow. It worked amazing! It’s so soft, too. Unfortunately, I received it after the rains we had, but I’m sure we’ll have more so I can use this for it’s intended purpose…drying off and cleaning the paws of the dogs.

    • CleanUpKate

      It should last you years so I’m sure you’ll get use out of it Nana Donna 2 6. I’m not going to feel bad for you that you that your rains are over though – we had snow a couple of days ago and I’ve got weeks of mud and rain to deal with ahead.

      • Nana Donna 2 6

        We’ve had one the hardest winters that didn’t start until January and then just hung around (Iowa). I’m sure we’ll have more rains…like this coming Sunday…that I’ll have a chance to use the towel on the dogs.

        • CleanUpKate

          I just heard on the forecast that snow is expected here today. The only good thing about it is that the muddy ground is frozen again so maybe I get a day’s reprieve from muddy floors.

  3. Kitty

    This towel sounds great! Although our dog has a wiry coat that doesn’t absorb a ton of water, it still takes a while for her to dry after a bath and it sounds like this would really help. By the way, Ruger is adorable! 🙂

    • CleanUpKate

      Kitty – yes the towel is fabulous! Thanks for the complement on Ruger. He is a cutie, for sure. So different from our Labs – like I had to TEACH him to fetch! He has webbed feet so I’m eager for warmer weather to come to see if he likes swimming. He’s a rescue from Texas so this bitterly cold winter was a real shock for him.

  4. Aphra

    It does so much. Even removes poop! Ha ha. A-mazing.

    • CleanUpKate

      Aphra – I tell ya, the e-cloth pet towel is Da Bomb!

  5. Monica Turk

    This is got me thinking! My neighbor has two dogs and she is always giving me treats! I think it is pay-back-time!!!

    • CleanUpKate

      Monica, the pet towel makes the NICEST gift. Sometimes it’s the kind of thing that you don’t want to buy for yourself because it seems a bit indulgent, but the use I get out of mine makes it worth every penny. Let me know what she thinks of it if you get it for her.

  6. Lucinda Culp

    We have a “granddog” who is a goldendoodle and loves water. This might need to happen…any pet towel sales in the near future? Asking for a friend…

    • CleanUpKate

      Thanks for the comment, Lucinda! I think you got a coupon code today 🙂 It will apply to everything – including the pet towel – at


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