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The e-cloth Pet Cleaning Mitt cleans muddy paws and legs in a jiffy. The shaggy “caterpillars” get between toes and quickly absorb a lot of water. This mitt is also brilliant for spot-cleaning anything your pet rolled in.  It takes a long time to dry, but works well when still wet.

What is the e-cloth Pet cleaning & Bathing Mitt?

The e-cloth Pet Cleaning & Bathing Mitt looks like a car-washing mitt. It has slightly shaggy microfibre on one side and caterpillar-looking super shaggy microfibre on the other. It is meant for cleaning pets and can be used either wet or dry.

What Do You Use The Pet Cleaning Mitt for?

In the years (6) that I’ve owned this mitt, I’ve found that I use it for 4 main things:

  1. Cleaning and drying pet paws, legs and under-sides. Used dry, I find the shaggy side of the pet cleaning mitt very quickly dries wet paws, legs and bellies. The “caterpillars” get right in and quickly dry between toes and around paw-pads. It will also clean mud out of paws when dry but the mitt cleans muddy paws better if it’s slightly damp. Wearing the mitt, I can easily wrap my hand around the dogs’ legs and the microfibres very quickly suck up any and all moisture. The same is true for wet bellies and “nether regions”.
  2. Wiping snow and light rain from backs. Used dry, the shaggy side is really good at collecting snow off a dog’s back when they come in the house.  I then flip the mitt over and wipe/dry with the short side.  Ditto for getting dampness off of a dog’s back.  If they went out for “business” in a light mist or drizzle, the pet cleaning mitt will easily dry their backs and legs off when they come back in.  For heavily soaked dogs, I recommend the pet towel instead (see my review).
  3. Spot-washing and cheater pet bathing. Does your dog roll in mud/worms/poop? When used wet (soak and then wring it out), the pet cleaning mitt is brilliant at removing all those “natural” messes. I have found that it even removes the smell of whatever they rolled in – no shampoo required. This is beyond convenient if you’ve got a pet like mine that isn’t keen on showers. I have used this pet cleaning mitt instead of a traditional bath/shower for our dogs many times.
  4. Cleaning paw prints and “shake-spray” from floors and walls. Easy as 1-2-3! For dried up paw prints, you can use the mitt dry to pick up the “dust” and then just shake the mitt out/brush it off into the garbage or outside. For wet/muddy paw prints, use the mitt damp. If you’ll be using the mitt again that day (like if it’s Spring and your Best Pal will be in and out several times to take care of business), rinse the mitt out and then hang to dry (or see my drying method below). The microfibres in the cleaning mitt are safe to use on painted walls  – but be careful if the mitt has collected gritty sand from wiping your dog’s paws.

Does the Pet Cleaning Mitt Remove Hair and/or Dander?

I do not find this mitt effective at removing hair. Sure, if you’re washing your dog, some hair is going to come off into the mitt, but I certainly wouldn’t depend on it – especially during shedding season (or if you have a Labrador Retriever – all year).  Get yourself a good brush for that.

Dander… hmmm. Used damp, the mitt does pick up dander pretty well. Used dry, the mitt is 50/50 effective on dander removal. The grooming mitt (review coming soon!) is a much better choice for dander.

Who Could Use this Mitt?

In my opinion, you’ll get a lot of use out of this mitt if:

  1. your pet comes in from the rain, snow, mud several times per day
  2. your pet frequently rolls in dead animals, rotting vegetation or poop
  3. you take your pet in your car or to friends’ houses and need a quick way to wipe paws
  4. your pet is very young, or very old, or timid and has pee-accidents inside
  5. your pet needs a bath but doesn’t like the shower or tub

Do you Use Shampoo with the e-cloth Pet Cleaning Mitt?

The packaging shows a person shampooing their dog with this mitt. Personally, I find the mitt too heavy and awkward when it is saturated so I have not tried this. Therefore, I guess technically, you can use shampoo with this mitt, but I don’t.

Have YOU used shampoo with the e-cloth pet cleaning mitt?  Tell me how it worked. I NEED to know.

Do you need the Pet Cleaning Mitt OR the Pet Towel?

To me – as a medium to large dog owner – I get much more use out of the e-cloth Pet Towel than I get out of the cleaning mitt. If you haven’t read it already, take a read of my review of the towel.  I use the towel almost every time my dogs are wet and/or muddy.

For this reason, the pet cleaning mitt is more “a nice thing to have” for me. It comes in handy for the situations that I mentioned above but I always tend to grab the towel first.

For small (toy-breed) dogs, the pet cleaning mitt might be more useful than the towel. The mitt will easily dry all the hair and paws of a small dog.

This is not my car

I drive a dog-friendly, kid-filth-a-fied, practical car.

This sporty thing (see picture below) that reminds me of how old I am every time I try to get out of it is my husband’s car.  It’s a ridiculous car to drive the dog for a wet spring walk in the woods in.  But Hubby took the kids to Grandma’s in MY car for the weekend so I’m taking Ruger to the wet, wet woods in HIS car.

It doesn’t matter which door I let Ruger in through. By the time I get to the driver’s door, Ruger is sitting behind the wheel with his wet, muddy paws on my bum spot. As if he’s saying “Oh. YOU want to drive?

The e-cloth pet cleaning mitt is ideal for this kind of situation.  A quick wipe with the mitt and the seat is dry.

What Kind of Pet is the Pet Cleaning Mitt For?

Good question. I’m hoping you can help me (and others) here. Obviously I focus on dogs, because that’s the only kind of pet I have, but…

  • Cats? I guess people wash their cats, right?  Certainly they go outside sometimes and get wet paws. What about all the cat-show people? Do you use this kind of thing?  Please tell me!
  • Horses? The e-cloth website says that the pet cleaning mitt is great for horses. Do you have a horse?  Have you tried the mitt? Please let me know how it worked! I have no idea how to care for/groom a horse. Enlighten me.
  • Rats? Eeeewwww! Sorry. I can’t go there. That’s more my sister’s kinda thing. Ditto for ferrets and snakes.
  • Fish? Not unless you had a tank mishap and have to sop up a lot of water quickly.  The pet cleaning mitt is really good at water-sopping-quickly.

The Best Way to Dry the Pet Cleaning Mitt Between Uses

The fibres on this washing mitt are long so it can take quite a while to air-dry if it is soaked.  The mitt can be placed in the clothes dryer but on wet, Spring days when my dog is going in and out several times per day, that seems like a lot of electricity use.  I have found the best way to dry the mitt out between uses it to put it on the heating vent. This mitten/boot dryer is the ugliest, but most amazing contraption.

How To Use the E-cloth Pet Cleaning Mitt

Because I’m a geek, I created this little mind-map/flow chart to show you how to use the pet cleaning mitt. It’s not rocket science but different situations call for slightly different techniques, based on my experience.


  • The pet cleaning mitt is very good at drying and cleaning wet and dirty paws.
  • It soaks up a lot of liquid before it needs to be wrung out.
  • The mitt fits nicely on my hand and although big, stays on well, even when wet. Thanks to the seam up the middle, it doesn’t slip sideways or flip over on my hand at all.
  • Used wet, the cleaning mitt is the easiest way to spot clean “rolled-in-grossness”.
  • I like how easy it is to quickly wipe muddy paw prints off the floor with this mitt.
  • The mitt cleans dog “shake-off” from walls, furniture and floors.
  • The pet cleaning mitt is can be washed in the washing machine and dried in the dryer.
  • It’s dark brown(!) so no worries about the mitt showing stains (although to date, mine remains stain-free. See my tips on how to keep all your e-cloth and Norwex products stain-free).
  • Even when damp, it will still absorb a lot of water so if the dog is going in and out many times on a rainy day, the mitt doesn’t have to fully dry between uses.
  • This mitt is very good for quickly sopping up puddles of pee – even from upholstery. Owners of puppies, senior dogs, or nervous dogs will appreciate this.


  • This mitt takes a long time to dry.
  • I find the mitt heavy and awkward to use when it’s saturated. This will only be an issue if you’re actually bathing your dog in a shower or tub with it.
  • I wish the microfibre on the shortfibre side were the same as the pet towel fibres.  I find they clean and dry better.
  • The hanging loop is awkward. I have to rub the loop with my thumb and forefinger to open it up. I’m sure this is a cost-saving measure but I find the loops on all e-cloth products frustrating. Maybe if I keep mentioning it, someone at e-cloth will finally listen. Simply by twisting the loop before sewing it on would make it much easier to open. Check out how Autumn ( sewed loops onto her bath towels.  That’s what I’m talking ’bout folks!

hanging loop sewn on towel

The way Norwex sews loops onto their cloths is great! The “loop” can be flipped over to the other side of the cloth so it’s out of the way AND it’s way easier to hang with than the e-cloth loops.

norwex cloth hanging loop

How much does your pet love or hate baths? Do you have a secret tip for cleaning your pet? Has your pet rolled in something disgusting?


  1. Nikki

    What a great product! We live in the desert and our dogs love being outside but they get pretty dusty from the dirt and dead leaves they roll around in. This would be perfect for those ‘cheater baths’ we frequently do!

    • CleanUpKate

      Nikki – that dust is even worse than mud in some ways. I hate the way it feels on my skin when I pat dusty dogs. What is spring like in the desert? Is there rain? Cold? I’m still looking at ice in my yard today.

      • Nikki

        Our weather seems to be flip flopping a lot lately. Earlier this week it was 75 degrees and sunny, but for the last 2 days it’s been cloudy, rainy, and cold! We even had a few days last month where it snowed here, which was pretty unbelievable!

        • CleanUpKate

          Snow! What a shock that must have been. I dream of 75 (only I’m dreaming in Celcius so it’s more like 24).

  2. Aphra

    This sounds really inventive and helpful.

    • CleanUpKate

      Our back yard is a muddy, MUDDY mess right now. I am very thankful for the pet cleaning mitt (and the towel) today. Both are in the wash now, preparing for another full day of work tomorrow.


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